Would the prize structure for MM & PB be changed?

Would the prize structure for MM & PB be modified?

Putting apart the politics in the back of a 70% source of revenue tax fee on source of revenue in far more than $10M, would it not make sense to even play the PB or MM given the astronomical odds in opposition to successful and your jackpot take house being vastly diminished as a result of a 70% tax fee?  You can at all times play your state lottery which is generally less expensive and has higher odds at a much less spectacular most sensible prize.

Alternatively, would the annuity possibility grow to be extra favorable or will have to PB and MM be modified to supply higher decrease tier prizes like $5M or $2M as a substitute of gigantic most sensible prizes that can cross most commonly to taxes (particularly when you are living in NY or CA).  Just curious on everybody’s ideas.

Updated: March 4, 2019 — 2:05 am

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