Will Any Lottery Offer a $100 Instant Scratch Off Ticket?

Will Any Lottery Offer a $100 Instant Scratch Off Ticket?

It’s been just about 10 years since Texas Lottery used to be the primary to supply a $50 immediate scratch off price tag. Seems time for some lottery to boost the ante and be offering a $100 immediate price tag. Anyone know if any lotteries are recently making an allowance for doing so.

I am shocked Texas hasn’t but. Though, from the gradual tempo of recent $50 video games being introduced, perhaps the call for simply is not there. Though, would nonetheless appear profitable to check out as a particular promotion. Would be interesting to prime rollers, if the percentages had been round 1 in three to win a minimal of $150 verses break-even (mainly, reproduction the pay desk for his or her newest $50 price tag and double the entire payouts with most sensible prize being $10 million). Many would most probably play once or more simply to mention they did.

Personally, $10 is mainly my higher restrict, even though once in a while I will play $20s or even a $30 as soon as in a blue moon. Pennsylvania, most probably many states, tops out at $30. I would most probably play $100 instants a few occasions in line with yr, in the event that they had been introduced. With lotteries an increasing number of encouraging acceptance of debit or even bank cards, providing $100 immediate scratch offs does not appear so loopy.

Updated: September 4, 2017 — 9:29 am

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