Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Move to Canada – Nigerian Lady Reveals

Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Move to Canada – Nigerian Lady Reveals

Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Move to Canada – Nigerian Lady Reveals

With a analysis dine on-line, i simply really feel that this piece of knowledge shall be important on my weblog for readers to display screen via it, simply test on it whilst studying it, thank you.

Canada is turning into a hotspot for Nigerians.

With the United States cracking down tougher and tougher on immigration and England making it tricky for Nigerians to relocate, Canada’s extra at ease necessities for immigration have made it a well-liked position for Nigerians.

But a woman on Twitter with the care for @pamelathepundit has poured chilly water at the desires of many, claiming that Canada isn’t as simple as many hope it could be and that the loss of paintings revel in through Nigerians make it tricky to discover a process.

Why Nigerians Shouldn’t Move to Canada

In a chain of tweets she published that Nigerians are left with menial jobs akin to ready tables and so forth.

Her tweets learn: Dear All who’re ‘hustling’ to move to Canada underneath the Federal Skilled Workers Program, I want you smartly.

What you’re by no means instructed is that all of your , paintings revel in and talents (for which you’ll be granted the visa) will quantity to nought when the LACK OF CANADIAN WORK EXPERIENCE will pressure you to wait tables, beg to take hours at superstore and stroll individuals with pecial wishes as a way of livelihood to pay endless expenses and per month area hire this is identical to what massive households pay according to annum again in Nigeria.

You are by no means instructed that as a Researcher/Lecturer, your résumé is as excellent as a highschool leaver just because you lack Canadian paintings revel in and worst of all when you would not have Canadian training. We all know Research Methods specifically disciplines are common however howdy, welcome to CA. As an Engineer, you’ll want some form of upgrading… The sort Nigerian with lots of labor revel in went searching for at Bow Valley College, Calgary, Alberta, ahead of he were given stabbed to demise through a intended colleague who the machine pronounced as mentally volatile, leaving at the back of youngsters and a pregnant spouse, early this yr.

My pals within the in another country who have been as soon as CEOs, MDs, 800ok NGN wage earners however offered their companies, resigned their jobs to transfer to Canada as ‘Skilled Workers’ who now know and revel in this stuff stay asking that one query, “what is there in Nigeria to go back to”? are in fact proper to ask as a result of what actually is there to be again to? Don’t even let me get started… 🙁 

It hurts. It hurts so unhealthy. Not certain which hurts extra; the stories of plentiful process alternatives in Canada which drives hardworking Nigerian execs to close up & depart simplest to move combat for alternatives as described above with Refugees shipped from conflict-torn Sudan, Syria, Iran and so forth. I’m now not underrating Refugees, no please. I’m pronouncing, for ALL that Nigerians undergo to get that visa this is given them in accordance with their talent and skilled skills, they deserve greater than getting their passports stamped on the Airports (as a result of we certain don’t move through highway or water), getting their SIN/SSN and watched as all of us get denied alternatives to put our talent to use which was once the primary explanation why for going.

I problem you to display me one unmarried one that discovered a role in Canada of their house of experience inside of three months of arrival whilst painfully spending their financial savings (remember of negative FX).

Nigeria is hard however expensive all, it is more challenging residing in a foreign country and not using a right kind process.

Even with the ones survival jobs, one has to paintings three differing types to pay $1k hire (with utilities) per month for a self-contained form of condominium on reasonable. U REALLY need to suppose once more. Have my best possible needs for your choice. Spectatorially, P. O.

Source: https://www.herald.ng/why-nigerians-shouldnt-move-to-canada-nigerian-lady-reveals/



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