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Which Lotto System would you like to see extensively tested & researched? (Poll)

Which Lotto System would you like to see extensively tested & researched? (Poll)

Hi justfocus


I like your means and purpose, if i advised you my tale you will most probably suppose i’m loopy and sure i’ve spent five years (on a regular basis) making an attempt to perceive the good judgment at the back of lottery. Just not too long ago (14.08.17) i stopped my undertaking which i began on 14.08.12 with a self made interactive desktop Application which fits lovely smartly. However, my undertaking used to be basically in line with euro-millions which is a 50 quantity gadget performed throughout europe but in addition simplified the native 42 quantity gadget.

The concept at the back of the undertaking used to be to perceive why lotto numbers are drawn within the way they’re in addition to why they repeat which in itself is straightforward to perceive alternatively, whilst at it i found out a couple of issues concerning the sport together with the methodology used which personally is not mathematical in any respect. I definitely wasn’t intending to inform this to any individual however you guys deserve this.

We all know that some lotto firms use other machines and ball units but when you fail to remember the collection of machines and ball units and base the whole thing on a unmarried system, you will notice that lotto is an alternating sport because of this, lotto numbers are performed between two aspects the place they’re being moved from one aspect to the opposite frequently forcing the system to play numbers discovered on a selected aspect frequently leading to repeating numbers. However, repeating numbers seem to be influenced by means of a number of components which i’m really not going to discuss right here.

This alternating does not require two machines as it may be executed on a unmarried system alternatively, there are a number of “would be” hidden options which might make is for you to perceive the methodology.

For the ones of you enjoying a 42 or 50 numbers programs, you can check out the next,

  1. Get a duplicate of a clean lottery slip and minimize out the remainder of the columns and depart simplest two (2).
  2. Get four other colored pens
  3. Find the final four attracts of the lottery gadget you are focused on
  4. Cross the oldest of the four draw numbers (smallest to greatest) at the left column of your lottery slip the use of a novel color
  5. Cross the 3rd (draw three) to the column at the proper the use of a special color

NB: While doing this, take into accout if any of the numbers have been repeated at the proper column.

     6. Cross the second one final draw at the left column the use of a special color and once more, glance if any of the numbers from both the left or proper column have been repeated.

     7. Cross the most recent draw at the proper column the use of the rest color and see if any numbers are repeated.

If you have a bit of time to your palms, do the similar factor yet again however this time beginning with the largest quantity and finishing with the smallest collection of each and every draw. This will give you a coarse concept why each and every quantity is / used to be performed.

This is one easiest way to perceive a part of the good judgment at the back of lotto, from right here you can figure out if there may be any math to it or now not.


Again, there’s a tone of items i will discuss right here however in the meantime give it a shot and let me if you suppose this makes senses, i would recognize your comments.


So, pass get em’

Updated: August 19, 2017 — 12:52 am

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