Where are they? | Lottery Post

Where are they? | Lottery Post

I am speaking about the entire individuals who used to populate the Systems discussion board with contemporary concepts and unique content material?
What came about? Did we simply fritter away the entire concepts? Did we hand over considering? Quit imagining? Quit taking a look?

Did any individual inform them, “Don’t use your brain and don’t invest in any new ideas in an attempt to win anything.”
And, “Don’t even attempt to share any ideas or ask any questions!”

Maybe they stated, “Just obtain an inventory or an Excel spreadsheet with the similar numbers that may hit in each state. Pay no thoughts that every state has its personal sport, those numbers will paintings in EVERY STATE….IF YOU JUST BELIEVE!

Maybe I am asking an excessive amount of to search out other folks with concepts and keen to assume. Willing to speak about what they are excited about, (within the lottery realm) some issues I do not want to know. Others I do not need to know!

If one in every of you zombies will simply toss an inventory of successful quantity in my inbox, I will go away.


My largest accomplishment is educating cats about Vienna Sausage. When I want a buddy, all I would like do is stroll out of doors, pop open a can, and each little critter in the community drops by way of to mention “Hi!”

Updated: March 2, 2019 — 10:12 am

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