Using Lotto Systems | Lottery Post

Using Lotto Systems | Lottery Post

Because a machine can ensure a prize(s) if prerequisites are met, even a jackpot. 


Absolutely true, however “if conditions are met” is a BIG disclaimer .  What I have discovered from backtesting loads of programs during the last 10 years or so is that should you do the mathematics related  with “If conditions are met”, or backtest with actual information for a sufficiently lengthy duration, the percentages ALWAYS scale back to what they will have to be, and no higher (and no worse).

Using a REALLY easy analogy for Pick three: I will be able to play the five “all even” triples (000, 222, 444, 666, 888) and say “if conditions are met” for the subsequent drawing (the situation being that the following drawing is a triple), I’ve a five/10 probability of profitable.  That’s all smartly and just right, however the general odds are STILL five/1000.  If the situation is met (probability of going down is 10/1000, 1%), the percentages of profitable are half of.  If the situation isn’t met (probability of going down is 990/1000, 99%), the percentages of wining are 0.  Overall, 1% at half of and 99% at 0 equates to five/1000.  And in fact you’re going to see five/1000 should you backtest lengthy sufficient.

This has been my giant frustration with lottery programs typically.  Every (insert your favourite expletive right here) machine I have backtested ALWAYS decomposes to what the percentages will have to be Bang Head   I have discovered that during EVERY case the place I feel I have discovered the “holy grail” (i.e. a machine that time and again beats the percentages), I both came about to have began backtesting in the course of a sizzling streak and I wish to take a look at for an extended duration, or I had an error in my coding.  EVERY (EXPLETIVE) TIME Mad!!!

The conclusion I have come to (and please be at liberty to  Chairif I am manner off base right here): some of these programs are a laugh to play with for the ones like me who love enjoying with numbers, however they do not imply squat.  Use a in reality difficult machine to select numbers, or get a handy guide a rough pick out . . . similar distinction . . . 


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