Upgraded 369 theory by way of Amber 124

Upgraded 369 theory by way of Amber 124


Keep pairs in identical order as soon as exercise carried out. Pair up pairs as Doubles, if you are feeling one will drop..stay in identical order. Add hyperlink digits at the tail finish. Multiply 369 to final hit. Then kind digits low to top and make pairs.

Example: California March 1st…089 final hit..

Part A: 089×369=32841

Sort: 12348, now make pairs: 12x 13x 14x 18x 23x 24x 28x 34x 38x 48x…Missing hyperlink digits for every above pair so as to add….zero,five,6,7,&9s


Part B: 

Take the 05679, make pairs: 05x 06x 07x 09x 56x 57x 59x 67x 69x 79x…Missing hyperlink digits are:1,2,three, four & 8s so as to add. 

Now what u wish to do subsequent is, work out maximum late pairs on your state, late digit, sum, Roots. This assist with getting rid of combinations from the pool. Some combinations will fall strt. Stay inside of five days on your hits, as extra will fall afterwards, however five days will give u a considerable quantity to make a choice from. Please dont play all combinations.

Hit Verdict:

67/eight=687..Hit at the Mar second, Group B..Pair 67 & ML eight 

48/nine=498 second

96/1=916 third

07/1=701 third

07/eight=078 strt 4th

79/four=794 strt 4th

05/2=205  fifth

24×= 242 double strt  fifth

69/2=629  sixth

05/three=530  sixth

At finish of five day stretch…10 imaginable hits fell,  that used to be up for grabs.


Backtest it..identical theory must paintings  for Pick four..because it basically would paintings for singles. As for  as elementary Pick four doubles, it might paintings as such: instance…if one of your triad pair is, 678x…your elementary double would glance as such; 6678, or 6778, or 6788…..if u be expecting a unmarried, the triad is 678x, ..lacking hyperlink digits are: zero,1,2,three,four,five,and nine



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