Undercover Kentucky Lottery investigation snares three store employees trying to steal prizes

Undercover Kentucky Lottery investigation snares three store employees trying to steal prizes

An undercover operation performed by way of the Kentucky Lottery has nabbed three store clerks trying to steal successful tickets.

A grand jury in Louisville has passed down indictments towards three folks charged with influencing the successful of a lottery prize via coercion, fraud, deception or tampering with lottery apparatus or fabrics, and a separate rate of offering false data to a lottery investigator. The first rate is a category B prison wearing a imaginable sentence between ten and 20 years, whilst the second one rate is a category D prison wearing a one to 5 12 months sentence.

The Kentucky Lottery’s safety division introduced an Integrity Testing Program to decide if store clerks had been following procedures for cashing successful tickets. During the investigation, undercover Lottery safety staff offered clerks with tickets that might scan on the terminal as $18,00zero winners.  “When the tickets were presented, security personnel told the clerks he or she didn’t know if any of the tickets were winners,” mentioned the KLC’s Senior Vice President of Security Bill Hickerson. “It was up to the clerks to scan the tickets to see if they were indeed winners.”

During this section of the operation, Lottery safety staff went to 60 outlets in Louisville between February and July 2018. Some of the outlets had been decided on in line with earlier buyer lawsuits or prior cashing process, whilst others had been randomly decided on. Special tickets had been produced by way of the Lottery’s quick price ticket supplier (Scientific Games) for the operation. Internal indicators had been gained when any individual tried to money them.

The result of the Integrity Testing Program had been equipped to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. Their workforce offered two instances lately towards three defendants to the Jefferson County Grand Jury, and indictments had been returned on:

  • Indrias Joseph, together with tickets offered at River Road Shell, 3002 River Road in Louisville.
  • Jinalben Savadara, together with tickets offered at Five Points Food Mart, 4548 Taylorsville Rd in Louisville.
  • Divyang M. Vyas, additionally together with tickets offered at Five Points Food Mart, 4548 Taylorsville Rd in Louisville.

Vadara and Vyas had been indicted in combination, underneath the similar case quantity. Their case will continue in Division 13 of Jefferson Circuit Court. They can be arraigned on Monday at three:30 p.m. Joseph’s case will continue in Division 7 of Jefferson Circuit Court. He can be arraigned on Monday at 11:30 a.m.

(See the whole indictments)

“The Kentucky Revised Statutes governing the lottery specify what shall be the appropriate penalties if those persons accused of undermining the integrity of the Kentucky Lottery. In the spring of 2018, the Kentucky Lottery Corporation’s security department met with prosecutors from our office to discuss this investigation. The indictments returned today by the Jefferson County Grand Jury are the result of the hard work of those investigators and prosecutors,” mentioned Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas B. Wine.  “Store clerks who do not follow Kentucky Lottery policies, cheat not only individual winners and the Kentucky Lottery but the people of the Commonwealth as  well.”

“While I’m disappointed in the actions of these individuals, I continue to believe the overwhelming majority of our retailers and their clerks are honest in their dealings with our players,” mentioned KLC President and CEO Tom Delacenserie.

“There is a low-tech way and a high-tech way for players to always protect themselves whenever they have a winning ticket,” he mentioned. “When at a retailer, players should always sign the back of any tickets before they hand them over to be checked. Also, there are scanners at nearly all of our retail locations which allow you to scan a ticket to see if it’s a winner without ever having to hand it over to anyone,” he mentioned. In addition, the Kentucky Lottery smartphone app lets in performs to scan tickets with their telephones to see if a prize has been received.

Players are inspired to touch the Kentucky Lottery’s safety division via their Fraud Watch program in the event that they really feel they are going to have no longer been correctly paid a prize. Information may also be submitted by way of telephone at (502) 560-1813 or by the use of electronic mail at klcfraudwatch@kylottery.com. “We have the ability through our computer systems to quickly look at any single transaction. This allows us to investigate any activity on a ticket to determine what happened at the terminal during a transaction,” mentioned Hickerson.

Delacenserie mentioned the Integrity Testing Program will proceed with some changes. “As it takes awhile for these cases to make their way through the legal system, we’re taking steps to enforce consequences on retailers who keep winning tickets much more immediately,” he mentioned. “These tests continue to be performed, as we want players to be confident their experience at a retailer will be a positive one.” As the operation is an ongoing safety measure, no further main points can be launched right now.

Updated: March 1, 2019 — 1:34 am

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