Today Lottery Result Thursday Super Lotto 28 July 2016

Check Thursday Super Lotto today lottery result winning numbers which will be announced on Thursday 28 July, 2016. For more information regarding results of 28 July Thursday Super Lotto lottery result you may check regularly. You will find all latest updates regarding Thursday Super Lotto results here.

Today Lottery Result Thursday Super Lotto 28 July 2016 Preview

Today Lottery Result Thursday Super LottoAs you know the date for last lottery was 21st July 2016 which brought fortune  for many people who won their dreamy lotteries of thousand and millions of rupees in Thursday Super Lotto Lottery. If you buy tickets of few rupees and then become a millionaire it would be a very exciting moment for you. With such huge money you can begin your business, open a café or you may go out for further refreshment. The previous numbers were 9, 17, 20, 25, 38, and 48. The people who had the matching numbers on their tickets got prizes of different amounts. Some people who won big prizes are no more poor.

Thursday Super Lotto Today Lottery Result Date

The next result will be announced on 28h of July, 2016. Never lose hope you might be the person to win the 28 July Lottery so keep waiting the next result of Thursday Super Lotto lottery.

Result is Pending and will be announced at 10:30 PM (28 July, 2016)

Next Result:

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