Sunday’s to Saturday’s | Lottery Post

Sunday’s to Saturday’s | Lottery Post

Alright I’ll give it to you. Multiply each Sundays attracts in combination after which divide the end result by way of the sum of the similar Sunday attracts, the sum in accordance with lotto math. Ok instance for all y’all.

New Mexico Sunday Draws Feb. 10th. 

344×532=183,008. Divided by way of 876 = 208.

upload 208 to 344 and 532 lotto math. What do you get lol?

208+344=542+532=074. 047 subsequent draw New Mexico.

Take 519 and 739 in NY at the 17th. Multiply=383,541. But this time upload them on a calculator, in the event you don’t get why smartly simply take a look at the numbers, they cross over 1000. So 519+739=1258.

383,541 divided by way of 1258= 304.

304 + 519= 813. 813+739 = 542. 542 instantly February 23 rd.

Have amusing with this.

Last yr I stuck 545 for $five,00zero on a Saturday in NY based totally only in this. 

The purpose is to pick out a profitable quantity. A profitable quantity. Good success.

Sometimes you do the proper factor simply because it’s proper.

Updated: March 4, 2019 — 7:02 am

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