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South Carolina lottery winner where are you? $1.5B still unclaimed, and clock is ticking

South Carolina lottery winner where are you? $1.5B still unclaimed, and clock is ticking

David Stevenson, a CPA in South Carolina, says he cannot recall to mind a just right explanation why whoever purchased a huge lottery price tag in tiny Simpsonville hasn’t cashed in.

The Mega Millions price tag price greater than $1.five billion used to be bought in October. It shall be nugatory in about two months if no person comes ahead to say the money.

“I could understand there might have been tax advantages to wait until 2019,” Stevenson mentioned Thursday. “But I see no purpose in waiting now. Honestly, I think it’s lost.”

The winner may stroll into lottery headquarters and stroll out with a lump sum payout of $878 million. That would additionally imply a groovy $60 million tax fee for the state of South Carolina, which now will have to permit for the chance that it would possibly not get the providence in the end. 

In Simpsonville, rumors are flying about who the fortunate winner could be.

“Anyone who quit their job days after the drawing is a suspect,” Stevenson mentioned.

If the jackpot is not claimed, it is going again to the states in keeping with price tag gross sales. South Carolina’s proportion, or comfort prize, can be about $11.2 million, South Carolina Education Lottery spokeswoman Holli Armstrong mentioned.

The state Board of Economic Advisors is bracing for the worst and taking into consideration a plan to take away the cash from the state spending plan, the Associated Press stories.

Then there is C.J. Patel, proprietor of the KC Mart where the price tag used to be bought. Patel says trade has picked up for the reason that glare of the world highlight shone on his retailer. Still, if the prize is going unclaimed, Patel may well be out the $50,00zero he used to be intended to get from the lottery.

For other people digging via drawers attempting to find the price tag, the profitable numbers have been five, 28, 62, 65, and 70, with Mega Ball quantity five.

The public might by no means know who claims the jackpot since South Carolina is one among a number of states where winners can stay nameless. But the state will make a press release when or if the prize is claimed.

Stevenson mentioned no person has come to him searching for recommendation on methods to make investments $1.five billion.

“I keep waiting for them to walk into my door and ask me to do their taxes,” Stevenson mentioned. “Of course, the cost of preparing their return might go up a bit from $200, but I would be nice about it.”

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Updated: February 17, 2019 — 9:30 pm

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