So how you doing with Texas Fireball?

So how you doing with Texas Fireball?

Yep. This is the primary day “they” pick out an additional quantity within the Pick three and Daily four video games which you can use to interchange a bunch to your set to win!

Let’s take a look at a “Magic” set of eight combinations…..

420 380 571 761 971 382 438 695

Morning quantity picked used to be 659 with a Fireball quantity nine (Boxed with or with out the Fireball nine )
Midday quantity used to be 243 with Fireball quantity zero (not anything gonna lend a hand there)
Evening used to be 776 with Fireball 2 (no lend a hand)
Night 855 Fireball 6 (1 for four)

Magic 17 for Daily 4…..


Morning 9624 Fireball 2 (Boxed with the 6794 changing the 7 with the Fireball 2)
Midday 2777 Fireball 7 (LOL……..smartly k then)
Evening 7139 Fireball eight (no approach)
Night 0258 Fireball eight (Boxed with the 2570 changing the 7 with an eight.

1 Pick three win….$32 spent, $80 received
2 Daily four wins…..$68 spent, $1350 received


Keep’em coming Texas!

Good success!


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Updated: April 30, 2019 — 9:09 am

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