Results (Sierra Leone) 5/90 games (3/12/2018)

Results (Sierra Leone) five/90 games (three/12/2018)


Nice actions..

Our first shot at the SIERRA LEONE GAMES

Early eye Banker 06 blew
Bai Bureh Banker 41 Blew
Lucky, Banker 72 blew

Our Homies in SIERRA LEONE will indisputably smile quickly.

One2ninety workforce..


#Sierra Leone
SL-First Chance:
WIN: 11-49-71-75-32
(E6-77, E7-54)
MAC: 12-29-42-33-88

SL-Early Eye:
WIN: 20-90-76-65-(06 BNK)
(E6-35, E7-16)
MAC: 79-69-Four-44-47

SL-Bai Bureh:
WIN: 55-40-15-(41 BNK)-09
(E6-69 E7-76)
MAC: 65-68-53-85-44

WIN: 04-80-*16-(72 bnk)-*64
(E6-56, E7-54)
MAC: 10-08-55-31-47

Updated: December 4, 2018 — 1:30 pm

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