Raven's observation …needs clarification

Raven's observation …wishes clarification

First put up
Vtracs Repeats: (Mid-to-Mid Eve-to-Eve)

Zero-Digit Repeats=14.Three%

1-Digit Repeats=36.1%

2-Digit Repeats=35.eight%

Three-Digit Repeats=13.eight%

If the Last Drawn Vtrac=v123

For a Zero-Digit Vtrac Repeat:

v444, v445, v455, v555

For a 1-Digit Vtrac Repeat:

v144, v145, v155

v244, v245, v255

v344, v345, v355

For a 2-Digit Vtrac Repeat:

v114, v115, v124, v125, v134, v135

v224, v225, v234, v235, v334, v335

For a Three-Digit Vtrac Repeat:

v111, v11… [ More ]

Updated: February 3, 2019 — 8:57 pm

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