Railey Wes,BLUE MOVE Guidance 3/29 Mega Million

Railey Wes,BLUE MOVE Guidance three/29 Mega Million

Hi Networking Partner,

I wish to stay working towards my Mega Million formulation as soon as in a BLUE MOVE forward of The Lord`s CHOSEN date for that step forward,so that I do NOT put out of your mind it.

The six(6) profitable #s for this night`s draw MUST be present in the ones #s indexed:01-02-03-05-06-09-10-13-15-16-19-20-22-25-26-29-31-33-36-37-38-39-49-50-51-52-55-56-59-60-61-62-63-64-65 & 66.


Hot megaball ultimate # choices:05/07/20

Warm megaball ultimate # choices:06/09/16/19


Hold both two or 3 set of those #s CONSTANT to your diversifications:02-05-06-16-20-33-50-60-61-62 & 66.



PERSISTENCY brings good fortune,



There is all the time monies hidding at the back of each extraordinary quantity.

Updated: March 29, 2019 — 9:36 pm

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