Possible Approach for winning Pick 6

Possible Approach for winning Pick 6

Hi Everyone,     (sorry for my medium English)


I’ve been learning the Pick 6 Lottery in Spain (BONOLOTO) for some time , and particularly how you can play with plenty of cash and Grantee a minimum of within the worst case The go back of the performed cash,  your best option till now’s to play with (Ok,6,6,7), ensure six of Seven that is imply both you win the jackpot or the five+1 (minimal 50Ok Euro).

So there are some excellent Cover designs for that, like (17,6,6,7) 1954 mixtures (1000 Euro to play).


Let’s say I’ve 10000Euro to play And I need to play 10 consecutive instances with my 1954 mixture (Technically I am enjoying towards Ten other Draws and this attracts have other digits  — most 2 or three digits will repeat)


Is there’s a strategy to calculate this state of affairs and play with a ensure that I will be able to get 6 numbers inside of my 17 opting for numbers in Ten attracts ??


Thank you for your Help and concepts.

Updated: April 9, 2019 — 4:34 pm

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