pick 3 method that guarantees hit.

pick 3 method that guarantees hit.

New method that I believe can be fascinating for pick 3 gamers. This method is intriguing. I created this method inside the remaining 12 months or so with inspecting knowledge from my state.

So everyone knows we hardly get 3 even quantity or 3 unusual numbers hit. So this method focal point simplest on 2 evens/1 unusual or vice versa 2 odds/1 even hit.  This method additionally come with doubles ex. 99X, 00X. hits as smartly.


Legend  :

zero convey down four, 6.     1 convey down five, 7.

2 convey down 6, eight.     3 convey down 7, nine.

four convey down zero, eight.     five convey down 1, nine.

6 convey down zero, 2.     7 convey down 1, 3.

eight convey down 2, four.     nine convey down 3, five.


Instruction : 

Take remaining draw outcome, if as an example 926 hit. We focal point on all 3 digit nine, 6, 2. We get started through having a look at previous outcome for each and every digit hit that does not come with pairs inside the focal outcome 926. If we search for digit nine we must discover a outcome hit in digit nine that does not come with digit 2 or 6. For instance if we’re on the lookout for 2 evens/1 unusual previous outcome for digit nine, then we must be on the lookout for instance 089 or 489 ect..or if we’re on the lookout for 2 odds/1 even previous outcome we must be on the lookout for 930, 934 ect…when we to find the combo through backtracking the previous outcome.

For instance for digit nine from 926 we get a hold of 089 and 930 from previous outcome. We now have each and every outcome to hide the two even/1 unusual (089) and a pair of unusual/1 even (930). For our rundown we must use the Legend I posted up above this submit. We must consider to do away with or do not use digit 2 or 6 if we’re that specialize in digit nine.


089,(zero convey four,) (eight convey four,)  Rundown must appear to be this.



Play quantity 089 049 489 449. 


930, (3 convey 7 or nine,) (zero convey four,) Rundown must appear to be this.




Play quantity must be 930, 934, 970, 974, 990, 994.


We do the similar factor or strategies for digit 2 and digit 6 from rest of 926 outcome.

We must finally end up with a minimum of 20-25 combo to play immediately or field. You can diminished the quantity of combo to play through learning in case your subsequent draw for your state will hit both 2 odds/1 even or 2 even/1 unusual and sticking to a type of. 


Hope this data turns out to be useful. As at all times please again take a look at your state toto.

Updated: July 25, 2018 — 5:46 am

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