P4> creating your strings | Lottery Post

P4> creating your strings | Lottery Post

With evolving patterns, you most suitable choice individually is to create your personal knowledge  regardless of the previous .

This chart is understated string units to review digit transitions for strategic waging.

A. The digits of every string is PRIORITIZED

B. Transit digits are deleted ONE AT TIME

C. Final string must now not be greater than 6

P4 Chart








Workout: Say, your enter  is the set 4288, then  transit digits four,2,eight,eight are regarded as personally from the string chart to shape> a string. You shouldn’t have to make use of the entire units. 

four>8372, 2>9061,  eight>5193, eight>3472

4288 string= 8372906151933472=3790615193372=3337799110652=37910652(to be diminished to six period)

stay your statement to the primary triad of your ultimate string, scale back triple digits to 2 when compressing digits to want period(non-public adjustment I must say).


Updated: April 25, 2018 — 12:57 am

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