Not A System: Studying A Digit

Not A System: Studying A Digit

Maybe that is round in every other shape.

I am taking a look on the digits from 1 to nine, all on my own.

Here’s my lingo…digit four for instance…

S.P.= Sequential Pair

014-124-674-784-894-094( 6 combos)

S= Sequential …. Even and Odd

S- Even 134-334-534-734-934-145-545-745-945( nine combos)

S- Odd 034-234-434-634-834-045-245-445-645-845( 10 combos)

N.S= Non-Sequential…. Even and Odd

N.S. Odd 047-247-249-441-447-449-461-469-481( nine combos)

N.S. Even…. together with all even

114-174-194-774-794-994( 6 combos)

All Even


046-246-248-468( 15 combos)

Ok I am the usage of WC for instance. All combos from June 1 2018 to give.

The four ball sequential even had went previous it is max skip of 21… nine combos to select.

It went to 23 skips prior to 343 hit Monday evening.


Does any person have any concepts so as to add to this. Maybe a definite sum?

I to find it a assist as soon as sure skips are noticed in every digit.

Yes you continue to have to select the suitable quantity however it truly whittles them down.

I believe it could be a good way to play on-line.

Anyone have any ideas how lets truly pinpoint a pair mixtures when

skips display up. Sums? Mirrors? Etc?

Another instance the usage of WC.

Digit 2 has 6 even sums in a row and eight even sums out of the closing 10.

An even or bizarre skip most often remains beneath 10 attracts… so it must hit any

day when the two ball displays.

We have extra combos to choose between regardless that.. An bizarre sum we’d like.

S.P.= 245-265-267-278-289-290

S- Odd= 012-122-124-126-128-Zero23-223-423-623-823

N.S.Odd= 025-027-225-227-229-247-249-269-285


Check out your select three historical past going again a couple of months and spot if one thing’s ripe.

In the imply time anything else that may make this more uncomplicated?

I am an N.S.A.

A Numerical Statistics Analyst.

Updated: March 13, 2019 — 11:02 am

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