Marcie's Jackpot Games Disappear 2019

Marcie's Jackpot Games Disappear 2019

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Here are my numbers in MADDOG10’s Mega Millions Challenge for Tuesday January 1st and Powerball Challenge for Wednesday January second powerball1 Marcie Bodia77 Timewalkerv and DALVIN PAYNE!

Mega Millions White Balls for 1/1: 1-6-11-17-23-29-35-36-40-48-51-55 and Mega Balls: Nine-19-22-23

PB White Balls for half: 2-Three-11-17-18-22-27-35-41-44-48-52 and Power Balls: 1-Four-14-23

Updated: December 30, 2018 — 1:31 pm

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