Man Retrieves $50,000 Ticket Clerk Had Thrown In Trash

Man Retrieves $50,000 Ticket Clerk Had Thrown In Trash

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Is there an individual who would throw $50,000 within the trash bin? It could also be accidental however that’s what a shop clerk nearly did.

Kevin Hayek likes purchasing Powerball tickets however does no longer trouble to test them promptly. But he considered checking tickets from a month again whilst having his morning espresso at a shop. The clerk discovered the primary price tag a dud. But the second used to be a winner – he simply didn’t understand how  a lot the prize is. The gadget made humorous noises and the clerk revealed out and passed him a declare shape which he installed his pocket earlier than going to paintings.

As he used to be having a look on the declare shape whilst at paintings, he was conscious that the price tag used to be lacking. This precipitated a splash again to the shop in his truck. Apparently, the clerk had by chance thrown the successful price tag within the trash along side the dud. Good factor the price tag used to be nonetheless there.

Back at paintings he checked the numbers and discovered he had gained $50,000 for matching 4 numbers drawn. He now plans to make use of his prize to transparent some money owed and provides his motorbike a facelift.

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