LP Chat Transcripts Saved Here

LP Chat Transcripts Saved Here

Start of transcript, Sunday July 27, 2014

eight:18:13 PMdeelila2003 enters the roomMembers on-line:1

eight:18:26 PMdeelila2003 leaves the roomMembers on-line:zero

eight:23:36 PMLottoMomma enters the roomMembers on-line:1

eight:24:08 PMLottoMomma: Oh, my I’m the one one right here and I assumed I used to be past due! LOL

eight:24:23 PMLottoMomma: Too humorous!

eight:24:44 PMLottoMomma: I’m positive if I wait round lengthy sufficient.. any individual else will display up!

eight:28:29 PMsherita enters the roomMembers on-line:2

eight:28:36 PMsherita: Hi

eight:29:03 PMLottoMomma: !st time I’ve ever been 1st one within the chatroom! LOL

eight:29:12 PMsherita: Wow! Where is everybody else? LOL

eight:29:28 PMLottoMomma: No thought.. one thing large on TV this night or one thing?

eight:29:40 PMLottoMomma: I do know there’s alot of storms within the midwest!

eight:29:52 PMLottoMomma: Maybe their web is down?

eight:29:59 PMphoneman76 enters the roomMembers on-line:three

eight:30:07 PMLottoMomma: Hey, Phoneman is right here.

eight:30:12 PMsherita: Not to my wisdom. On vacay myself…. taking part in my birthday.

eight:30:14 PMLottoMomma: Now we now have three

eight:30:20 PMphoneman76: i knew I catch u early sherita

eight:30:28 PMsherita says to phoneman76: Hi…you’re early!

eight:30:34 PMLottoMomma: Happy Birthday… you having excellent holiday?

eight:30:40 PMsherita says to phoneman76: HA

eight:30:51 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: Oh sure!

eight:30:56 PMphoneman76: i attempt to watch a little bit television sooner than for # communicate

eight:31:01 PMLottoMomma: Well Laverne..Maloney must be alongside quickly

eight:31:09 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: sure…

eight:31:15 PMLottoMomma: I overlooked completely closing week.. motive I went to the on line casino!

eight:31:46 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: Any good fortune?

eight:31:53 PMLottoMomma: Won $620 so it was once well worth the want I may just do this excellent at the lotlery! LOL

eight:31:58 PMLottoMomma: travel this is!

eight:32:21 PMLottoMomma: I appear to do excellent after I pass on sundays for some explanation why?

eight:32:49 PMLottoMomma: That <snip> elusive lottery is killing me! LOL

eight:33:08 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: Ga were given my 225 and my 557 closing week and I were given her excellent!

eight:33:24 PMphoneman76: <snip> i used to be in Fl then

eight:33:28 PMsport786 enters the roomMembers on-line:four

eight:33:32 PMLottoMomma: Now our state is providing a three digit one up, one down.. if considered one of your numbers are available in one up or one down you continue to win

eight:33:36 PMsport786: hello guys

eight:33:40 PMphoneman76: were given the 354 down there regardless that

eight:33:45 PMLottoMomma: Wow sherita.. that is superior!

eight:33:47 PMLottoMomma: congrats

eight:33:56 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: Ga is not going to do this!

eight:33:56 PMLottoMomma: Hey sport 786

eight:33:59 PMLottoMomma: how ya doing

eight:34:05 PMsport786: im excellent lottoman

eight:34:11 PMsport786: the way you been

eight:34:36 PMLottoMomma: excellent.. nonetheless seeking to win like everybody else!

eight:34:44 PMsport786: i had a dream i used to be taking part in basketball closing evening

eight:34:47 PMsport786: i glance it up

eight:34:51 PMsport786: the quantity was once 881

eight:34:56 PMsport786: however i didnt play it

eight:34:59 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: Time and persistence!

eight:35:00 PMsport786: 881 got here out

eight:35:00 PMLottoMomma: Wow.. what quantity is for basketball I’m wondering?

eight:35:05 PMsport786: 881

eight:35:07 PMsport786: it cameout

eight:35:15 PMLottoMomma: yeah, I heaa ya Sherita

eight:35:21 PMsport786: it makes me ill to my abdomen

eight:35:28 PMsport786: it got here out in miami

eight:35:36 PMsport786: i did not play it

eight:35:44 PMLottoMomma: I do know my 386 assists in keeping coming within the four digit!

eight:35:45 PMsherita says to sport786: Oh ish! I’d had been ill too!

eight:35:50 PMsport786: that is the place i glance it up

eight:35:52 PMsport786: http://www.lotterydreamstats.com/dr2.html

eight:35:55 PMsport786: click on in this

eight:36:01 PMsport786: search for basketball

eight:36:08 PMsport786: i have a look at it this morning

eight:36:14 PMsport786: 881

eight:36:15 PMLottoMomma: Thanks I bookmarked that!

eight:36:20 PMsport786: lottoman

eight:36:23 PMsport786: its excellent bro

eight:37:29 PMLottoMomma: I purchased a e-book on what dream issues imply.. and it offers numbers for the pieces you dream however you assume I will have in mind now what I dream? LOL

eight:37:30 PMsport786: it offers me a headache

eight:37:54 PMsport786: oh you’ll be able to’t have in mind

eight:38:13 PMsport786: i had a chhance to make some excellent cash nowadays

eight:38:15 PMsport786: i blew it

eight:38:18 PMLottoMomma: infrequently I believe I wish to give the clerk $100 and my quantity and simply put it within the glovebox like all of the people I pay attention win that had a price tag of their automobile and they did not know they received. assume this is the way it works? LOL

eight:38:37 PMsport786: lolll

eight:38:39 PMLottoMomma: yeah, i want to proper it down or one thing or do a little subliminal hypnosis after th truth!

eight:38:48 PMsport786: proper

eight:38:55 PMsport786: i play base on my dream

eight:39:15 PMLottoMomma: k.. you do any excellent with that?

eight:39:29 PMsport786: no longer instantly

eight:39:38 PMsport786: however i hit field

eight:39:52 PMLottoMomma: Well, I believe it’s important to have a crystal ball to win instantly.. except for for phoneman! LOL

eight:39:56 PMlesonook enters the roomMembers on-line:five

eight:40:03 PMsport786: lolll

eight:40:04 PMLottoMomma: I’d be pleased with field! LOL

eight:40:13 PMsport786: i want large cash

eight:40:20 PMLottoMomma: Hey, Leosonook!!! Evening.

eight:40:28 PMlesonook: HELLO ALL any assist for delaware?

eight:40:30 PMsport786: i noticed the powerball numbers in my dream about nine months in the past

eight:40:34 PMLottoMomma: Boy, I pay attention ya speaking there sport786

eight:40:44 PMsport786: i play them everyweek

eight:40:52 PMLottoMomma: WOW&gt;.. did it provide the proper evening?

eight:41:07 PMsport786: nahh

eight:41:14 PMsport786: confidently they arrive out

eight:41:15 PMLottoMomma: Yeah I noticed some 6 digit numbers on our lottery ike 20 years in the past and so they nonetheless ahven’t are available in!

eight:41:22 PMsport786: lolll

eight:41:32 PMsport786: i examine a man who had a dream like that

eight:41:39 PMsport786: the quantity got here out 15 years later

eight:42:11 PMlesonook: this night delaware had 292 and 9888 assist please

eight:42:15 PMLottoMomma: Yeah, I additionally heard a few man who performed his quantity each and every week for the large lottery and the day he did not play they got here in and he commited suicide.. kinda facet there.

eight:42:28 PMsport786: wow

eight:42:34 PMLottoMomma: Boy, Lesonook.. Sherita may well be the only to invite on that one.

eight:42:50 PMLAVERNE MALONEY enters the roomMembers on-line:6

eight:42:50 PMLottoMomma: Yeah… can be a bummer needless to say.

eight:42:58 PMLAVERNE MALONEY: Hello!

eight:43:01 PMsherita says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Hi!

eight:43:12 PMLottoMomma: OMG.. LM is right here! Hey, woman I used to be 1st for as soon as!

eight:43:21 PMsherita: Lottomomma talked you up!

eight:43:22 PMlesonook: simply cant win want i lived in every other state delaware sucks

eight:43:27 PMLottoMomma: All through my little ole self for roughly 10 mins.

eight:43:32 PMLottoMomma: LOL

eight:43:34 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: LOL

eight:43:41 PMsport786: im about to visit the on line casino

eight:43:46 PMsport786: want me good fortune guys

eight:43:56 PMlesonook: hello sherita we have been simply speaking about you

eight:43:57 PMLottoMomma: Oh, what do you love to play.. I’m hooked at the fast hits!

eight:44:10 PMLottoMomma: That and flaming 7’s

eight:44:11 PMsport786: me too

eight:44:14 PMsherita says to lesonook: Hi…we?

eight:44:29 PMLottoMomma: Boy, once they hit, they hit excellent. but if they don’t seem to be hitting they are going to consume your lunch!

eight:44:48 PMLottoMomma: I’ve a chum addicted to hotshots.

eight:44:58 PMlesonook: lottomamma

eight:45:01 PMLottoMomma: But, thats’a $2 play and I’m affordable.. $1.50 is sufficient for me! LOL

eight:45:02 PMsport786: i konw bro

eight:45:08 PMsport786: thats what i hate about them

eight:45:17 PMLottoMomma: I do know..bro.. how about I do know SIS.. LottoMOMMA

eight:45:27 PMsport786: im sorry

eight:45:27 PMLottoMomma: no longer LottoDADDY

eight:45:31 PMlesonook: i used to be pondering 333 have been coming now i dont know we’re late for journeys

eight:45:33 PMsport786: lolll

eight:45:47 PMsport786: 333 is late

eight:45:55 PMsport786: so is 777

eight:45:57 PMsport786: and 666

eight:46:12 PMlesonook: 393 closing evening now tonigh 292 sigh

eight:46:15 PMLottoMomma: LOL
I simply were given a pop up windoow telling me to not communicate to rapid.. somebody ever get that? LOL

eight:46:28 PMsport786: nope

eight:46:34 PMsherita: no…

eight:46:36 PMLottoMomma: thats too humorous!

eight:46:51 PMLottoMomma: I did not know I may just sort so rapid!

eight:47:02 PMsport786: on every occasion a bunch pop out with a couple..the following one generally have a ZERO

eight:47:12 PMsport786: 80 % of the time

eight:47:17 PMLottoMomma: Oh, yeah.. gonna hve to keep in mind that one…

eight:47:22 PMlesonook: im happening to a few digits and a couple of 4 digits thats it uninterested in shedding

eight:47:23 PMsport786: yep

eight:47:24 PMLottoMomma: significantly.. I will be able to again take a look at that.

eight:47:47 PMLottoMomma: ??

eight:48:11 PMlesonook: that is true sport 786

eight:48:13 PMsherita says to sport786: What form of pairs?

eight:48:14 PMLottoMomma: how do you pass down to a few digits and a couple of 4 digits.. you speaking the quantity you taking part in?

eight:48:21 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: I consider it was once a personal message from any individual right here within the chatroom.

eight:48:22 PMlesonook: sure

eight:48:23 PMsport786: any pairs

eight:48:29 PMsport786: instance

eight:48:32 PMsport786: 393

eight:48:34 PMsport786: 933

eight:48:34 PMLottoMomma: I see.. LM.. thank you for that explanation.

eight:48:36 PMsport786: 339

eight:48:40 PMsport786: it dont topic

eight:48:48 PMlesonook: i play an excessive amount of and all the time leave out through one quantity

eight:48:53 PMLottoMomma: I performed 663 one evening and 993 got here in

eight:49:05 PMsport786: every other factor

eight:49:11 PMsport786: aways turn 6 and nine

eight:49:16 PMLottoMomma: and I were given fortunate and picked 810 on evening and it got here at the day by day and no longer the night time the place I performed it! LOL

eight:49:24 PMLottoMomma: yep.. I heard that too…LOL

eight:49:46 PMsport786: yep

eight:50:02 PMlesonook: 292 and 9888 so now what do i do play the 888 or play a 0

eight:50:06 PMLottoMomma: I believe I simply wish to bypass three digit and simply get it over and executed and grasp the four digit…LOL

eight:50:30 PMLottoMomma: Why waste all that point finding out three digit.. simply observe to the four digit adn win!

eight:50:49 PMsport786: leso

eight:50:56 PMsport786: come with a zero for the primary quantity

eight:51:09 PMLottoMomma: Anyone watch that display duck dynasty?

eight:51:15 PMsport786: nope

eight:51:18 PMLottoMomma: I believe it’s rising on me.

eight:51:31 PMsport786: im observing breaking dangerous

eight:51:41 PMsport786: you watch breaking dangerous

eight:51:42 PMLottoMomma: I LOVE breaking dangerous!

eight:51:46 PMsport786: yep

eight:51:56 PMsport786: and the strolling lifeless

eight:51:56 PMLottoMomma: I wish to purchase the entire sequence

eight:52:06 PMLottoMomma: Now that one I can’t get into in any respect..

eight:52:07 PMsport786: its on netflix

eight:52:09 PMsport786: free of charge

eight:52:17 PMLottoMomma: hmm… have to test that out

eight:52:22 PMsport786: yep

eight:52:29 PMLottoMomma: I do not see the enchantment on strolling lifeless…

eight:52:44 PMLottoMomma: path some more than likely say that about breaking dangerous..LOL

eight:52:54 PMLottoMomma: Wish the ones presentations would give me the numbers!

eight:53:02 PMsport786: other people informed me about strolling lifeless

eight:53:11 PMsport786: i didin’t wish to watch it to start with

eight:53:18 PMsport786: however i were given hook as soon as i began

eight:53:25 PMLottoMomma: I’ve a chum addicted to that vampire display and I dont’ see the enchantment there both.. wager I’m oldschool.

eight:53:37 PMlesonook leaves the roomMembers on-line:five

eight:53:47 PMsport786: lol

eight:53:55 PMLottoMomma: Okay..then.. whats the brand new numbers technique. .the rest???

eight:54:06 PMLottoMomma: And It’s not that i am outdated..LOL

eight:54:32 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: Hoe younger are you?

eight:54:39 PMLottoMomma: Maybe must consume soem vegetable soup. would possibly have the numbers pop up there..?

eight:54:42 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: How

eight:54:55 PMLottoMomma: thats a loaded query Sherita..

eight:54:56 PMsport786: when i win the powerball

eight:55:05 PMsport786: ima give everyone in right here 1 tens of millions

eight:55:08 PMLottoMomma: you realize.. sufficiently old to grasp higher however younger sufficient not to care! LOL

eight:55:17 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: Their are #s on nearly all presentations. #s on doorways, vehicles, properties, and many others. Look for the #s. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eight:55:21 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: I’m 47 years younger and no longer disgrace to inform it!

eight:55:22 PMsport786: who is with me

eight:55:32 PMLottoMomma: yep.. you were given that LM.. needless to say…

eight:55:38 PMsport786: im 26

eight:55:48 PMsport786: searching for a 47 yr outdated

eight:55:51 PMLottoMomma: I would really like to win the powerball and can be elated to proportion if it wil lmake me win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eight:56:03 PMLottoMomma: searching for a cougar aye?

eight:56:07 PMsport786: lolll

eight:56:08 PMsherita says to sport786: I’ve a 26 yr outdated daughter

eight:56:20 PMsport786: truly

eight:56:25 PMsherita says to sport786: Yes

eight:56:40 PMLottoMomma: <snip> Sherita you sherita you should not be telling other people you had a daughter at 10! LOL

eight:56:48 PMsport786: cool..im gonna be his step dad

eight:56:54 PMsport786: loll

eight:56:57 PMsport786: no longer 10

eight:56:58 PMsport786: 20

eight:57:00 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: 20….LOL

eight:57:02 PMloosechange enters the roomMembers on-line:6

eight:57:10 PMLottoMomma: Well, I used to be attempting that will help you out right here! LOL

eight:57:21 PMsport786: lollllll

eight:57:30 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: No disgrace in my sport!

eight:57:43 PMLottoMomma: LOL.. I do know Shertia.. I do know

eight:57:50 PMsport786: me too

eight:57:52 PMsherita says to loosechange: HI

eight:58:06 PMLottoMomma: I simply want I had began taking part in lottery about 20 years in the past. I’d have received through now! LOL

eight:58:16 PMLottoMomma: Hey Loosechange.. how ya doing this night?

eight:58:17 PMsport786: how lengthy you been taking part in

eight:58:39 PMLottoMomma: since 2010 after I hit the day by day keno for $2500.. been hooked ever since.. seeking to win once more

eight:58:40 PMsherita: 27 years right here…

eight:58:57 PMLottoMomma: I do know. if I’ve to attend 27 years I may well be lifeless sooner than I win.

eight:59:10 PMLottoMomma: that may be no amusing.

eight:59:16 PMsport786: adequate

eight:59:29 PMloosechange leaves the roomMembers on-line:five

eight:59:41 PMLottoMomma: But, I do plan on successful someday and confidently existence converting!

eight:59:51 PMLottoMomma: Even if it is only a new automobile!

nine:00:48 PMLottoMomma: So, inform me what is the trick to successful four digit versus three digit.. technique nonetheless the similar with the mirros adn vtracs and stuff like that?

nine:01:10 PMLAVERNE MALONEY: zero01 zero11 has been lagging in the back of, search for it to polish as sizzling because the solar & as large because the moon very quickly & into August.

nine:01:30 PMLottoMomma: I imply phoneman turns out to have that three digit factor all sewed up in addition to Sherita and Laverne Maloney

nine:01:59 PMsport786: 666

nine:02:01 PMsport786: 777

nine:02:06 PMsport786: 333

nine:02:09 PMsport786: 999

nine:02:13 PMLottoMomma: Well, 1111 got here on our four digit closing nigth.. and our state is paying $1000 in case your four digit is available in opposite relatively than instantly too boot!

nine:02:35 PMsport786: 1000

nine:02:36 PMLottoMomma: I pay attention triples do not come that steadily?

nine:02:41 PMphoneman76: im bacck

nine:02:55 PMsport786: it is 5000

nine:02:57 PMLottoMomma: Where’d you pass phoneman?

nine:03:05 PMLottoMomma: How come?

nine:03:07 PMsport786: why no longer pho

nine:03:20 PMsport786: are you able to see the long run

nine:03:21 PMLottoMomma: they pull out one of the ones?

nine:03:29 PMsport786: lol

nine:03:29 PMLottoMomma: Wish I had a crystal ball!

nine:03:39 PMsport786: i will get you one

nine:03:47 PMLottoMomma: LOL.. please do.. please do!

nine:03:55 PMsport786: lol

nine:03:57 PMLottoMomma: are you aware a excellent snake oil salesman too!

nine:04:07 PMsport786: hmm

nine:04:11 PMsport786: no

nine:04:14 PMsport786: lollll

nine:04:18 PMLottoMomma: Well, neither do I..

nine:04:27 PMLottoMomma: more than likely must to find one.. value a check out!

nine:04:42 PMsport786: this lotto stuff is so arduous

nine:04:48 PMsport786: however any individual has to win it

nine:05:05 PMLottoMomma: Maybe I must get started doing medicine and make bigger my thoughts.. assume tat would possibly assist choosing numbers? LOL

nine:05:19 PMsport786: i do not do medicine

nine:05:26 PMLottoMomma: yep, my dad says you’ll be able to’t win if you do not play

nine:05:32 PMMzDuffleBaglady enters the roomMembers on-line:6

nine:05:36 PMsport786: nope

nine:05:40 PMLottoMomma: I do not both however surprise open up the thoughts??? to extract them numbers!

nine:05:50 PMsport786: lol

nine:05:53 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Good Evening Everyone!!!!!

nine:06:01 PMsport786: dufflebag

nine:06:07 PMsport786: what is within the luggage

nine:06:09 PMLottoMomma: MzDufflebaglady.. the way you doing?

nine:06:14 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to MzDuffleBaglady: Hello!

nine:06:17 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Money child,cash child, lol

nine:06:22 PMsport786: lolll

nine:06:25 PMLottoMomma: LOL.. I want!

nine:06:27 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I’ve $20 on 428 this night

nine:06:31 PMMzDuffleBaglady: 🙂

nine:06:37 PMsport786: excellent good fortune

nine:06:44 PMLottoMomma: Wow.. this is some critical playing! excellent good fortune..woman!

nine:06:47 PMsherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: Dis it fall?


nine:06:52 PMsherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: did

nine:06:54 PMLottoMomma: You hit.. you gonna hit large!

nine:06:55 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Yeah, I were given robbed all closing week, posted a minimum of four successful late numbers and did not catch one.

nine:07:07 PMsport786: truly

nine:07:09 PMMzDuffleBaglady: molottery owe me, lol

nine:07:13 PMsport786: the place you are living

nine:07:22 PMsport786: are you in florida

nine:07:29 PMMzDuffleBaglady: lmaooooooooooooooo, robbed,which means I overlooked the numbers.

nine:07:33 PMMzDuffleBaglady: St. Louis

nine:07:38 PMMzDuffleBaglady: It’s actual hood right here

nine:07:38 PMLottoMomma: I assumed MO..

nine:07:39 PMsport786: i do know what you imply

nine:07:43 PMMzDuffleBaglady: however,I did not get robbed, lol

nine:07:47 PMMzDuffleBaglady: o.okay.

nine:08:01 PMphoneman76 leaves the roomMembers on-line:five

nine:08:18 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I posted,the entrance pair due,10x, and performed, 409, and 109 hit.

nine:08:20 PMcash3lady enters the roomMembers on-line:6

nine:08:20 PMLottoMomma: How abotu a four digit quantity for MI for me to play for every week!??

nine:08:25 PMMzDuffleBaglady: what was once I pondering?

nine:08:32 PMLottoMomma: Wow.. that is a wrap.

nine:08:36 PMMzDuffleBaglady: after the ones quad 1111’s.

nine:08:46 PMMzDuffleBaglady: search for numerous repeats.

nine:08:54 PMLottoMomma: WE had quad 1’s right here the day past at the night time.

nine:09:01 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I’ma be truthful, Pick four will get on my nerve.

nine:09:22 PMLottoMomma: yeah, however when you hit instantly thats a candy payday!

nine:09:39 PMMzDuffleBaglady: is it $6,00zero, or $five,00zero?

nine:09:45 PMMzDuffleBaglady: we get $6,00zero in Missouri

nine:09:54 PMsport786: while you positive of a bunch it’s important to play it for large cash

nine:10:18 PMsport786: yolo

nine:10:26 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Right, I”m ready on 3357 the longest out double for Missouri pick out four, that is the best quantity I am taking part in within the pick out four.

nine:10:31 PMsport786: yolo=you best are living as soon as

nine:10:36 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I posted that, 1444, overlooked that too,

nine:10:41 PMMzDuffleBaglady: proper @ sport

nine:10:48 PMsport786: yep

nine:10:51 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I had a excellent streak one time, grossed $50,00zero

nine:10:58 PMsport786: no manner

nine:11:00 PMsport786: truly

nine:11:09 PMMzDuffleBaglady: however, it hasn’t took place once more, however, it ain’t for the loss of me attempting each day

nine:11:11 PMMzDuffleBaglady: yeah

nine:11:15 PMsport786: excellent activity

nine:11:26 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I taught my son the whole thing I do know, now he has handed that quantity


nine:11:30 PMMzDuffleBaglady: as a result of, he play large.

nine:11:38 PMsport786: wow

nine:11:39 PMMzDuffleBaglady: what it do @ Laverneeeee?

nine:11:42 PMsport786: cool

nine:12:01 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I used to be searching for that thread you had,on 120 field combinations?

nine:12:14 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I will be able to simply click on in your title, and to find it?

nine:12:21 PMLottoMomma: holy toledo $50Ok!!! Whew!

nine:12:24 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Do you have in mind what I am speaking about ?

nine:12:37 PMMzDuffleBaglady: the way you mentioned , the sequences apply each and every different, or was once it, the strings?

nine:12:58 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to MzDuffleBaglady: I wrote that during May of 2010. I will be able to get that thread for you.

nine:13:07 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Thank you very a lot.

nine:13:22 PMLottoMomma: Yeah, I;d like that successful thread! LOL

nine:13:26 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Yeah, it is been a minute, however, I noticed that development taking place,and I thought of that thread you had.

nine:13:39 PMMzDuffleBaglady: lol@ LottoMomma, it is excellent,

nine:13:43 PMcash3lady leaves the roomMembers on-line:five

nine:13:44 PMsport786: has anybodt poster the successful numbers for the powerball right here within the historical past of this web page

nine:13:57 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to MzDuffleBaglady: http://www.lotterypost.com/thread/214533

nine:14:00 PMsport786: ever posted

nine:14:16 PMphoneman76 enters the roomMembers on-line:6

nine:14:16 PMLottoMomma: were given it thank you!

nine:14:39 PMLottoMomma: phoneman.. you working out and getting your numbers..

nine:14:47 PMsport786 leaves the roomMembers on-line:five

nine:14:49 PMMzDuffleBaglady leaves the roomMembers on-line:four

nine:15:02 PMLottoMomma: wager you were not round after I requested a few four digit to play for every week right here in MI

nine:15:05 PMphoneman76: already did

nine:15:07 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: You are welcome.

nine:15:16 PMLottoMomma: I overlooked up.. I’m going to return up the web page! LOL

nine:15:50 PMLottoMomma: uh oh..have to test transcript later.. manner up the web page the place I will’t get too now! LOL

nine:16:10 PMLottoMomma: Well, hells bells.. now what?

nine:16:16 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: What?

nine:16:27 PMLottoMomma: LOL.. sorry.. at a loss for words is all.

nine:16:50 PMLottoMomma: I were given to get a hold of some technique for wining my day by day Keno??

nine:17:06 PMphoneman76: 213 tommorrow

nine:17:12 PMLottoMomma: there must be some way. to trace the ones numbers too such as you guys do ont he three and four digit.

nine:17:13 PMphoneman76: ga

nine:17:23 PMsherita says to phoneman76: adequate

nine:18:20 PMphoneman76: 0819 c4

nine:19:03 PMsherita says to phoneman76: adequate

nine:19:32 PMLottoMomma: I cant consider we’ve not had greater than about part a dozen other people within the chatroom this night.. what is up with that ya assume?

nine:20:11 PMsherita says to LottoMomma: Strange certainly

nine:20:19 PMBarbie1 enters the roomMembers on-line:five

nine:20:24 PMLottoMomma: Maybe all of them received! LOL

nine:20:29 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: Some other people come to simply get #s, & when the #s aren’t coming rapid sufficient or in any respect, they scaddle. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nine:20:30 PMLottoMomma: Well, heres Barbie..

nine:20:32 PMsherita says to Barbie1: Hi

nine:20:42 PMLottoMomma: hello, barbie..

nine:20:47 PMLottoMomma: Doc could also be coming subsequent

nine:20:53 PMsherita says to LAVERNE MALONEY: True…

nine:20:53 PMBarbie1: Hi all

nine:20:56 PMLottoMomma: and Jump. he’s late

nine:20:57 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to Barbie1: Hello.

nine:21:36 PMsherita says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Or searching for workout routines or programs…tips of the industry

nine:21:36 PMphoneman76 leaves the roomMembers on-line:four

nine:21:47 PMLottoMomma: how lots of the numbers everybody posts are available in for other people do you assume?

nine:21:56 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to sherita: Yes.

nine:21:56 PMLottoMomma: yep.. why I’m right here and for the thrill of being with you all!

nine:22:08 PMLottoMomma: Makes my week

nine:22:26 PMMzDuffleBaglady enters the roomMembers on-line:five

nine:22:41 PMMzDuffleBaglady: again, misplaced my connection.

nine:22:47 PMLottoMomma: Seen that.

nine:22:54 PMsherita says to MzDuffleBaglady: Good…

nine:23:06 PMLottoMomma: Man we had storms right here nowadays and with tornady warnings.

nine:23:09 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Anyone use the brand new pairs device?

nine:23:21 PMLottoMomma: whats that baglady?

nine:23:32 PMLottoMomma: is there a submit or thread for it?

nine:23:35 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I have no idea what took place,I simply unplugged the whole thing, and pluggedit again up,

nine:23:52 PMMzDuffleBaglady: You need to be a platinum member to get complete use of it.

nine:23:52 PMLottoMomma: humorous.. perhaps you had storms the place you’re!

nine:24:03 PMLottoMomma: that counts me out!

nine:24:08 PMMzDuffleBaglady: it is 95 levels right here, lol

nine:24:17 PMLottoMomma: however inform me about.. perhaps I’m going to hook up for a month! LOL

nine:24:24 PMMzDuffleBaglady: you’ll be able to get some knowledge for 30 days, as a path.

nine:24:24 PMLottoMomma: <snip>.. you in GA.

nine:24:35 PMLottoMomma: I believe I learn that someplace.

nine:24:42 PMLottoMomma: or AZ?

nine:24:55 PMMzDuffleBaglady: O.Ok. @ LottoMomma, I clicked on it, and clicked to get the late Front pairs,

nine:24:59 PMMzDuffleBaglady: It gave me, 10x,

nine:25:02 PMMzDuffleBaglady: nowadays we had, 109

nine:25:21 PMLottoMomma: thats the only you went 409 on?

nine:25:23 PMMzDuffleBaglady: so, it is value it, to get the guidelines, do Platinum for one month and take a look at it,

nine:25:39 PMMzDuffleBaglady: yeah, as an alternative of spending $10 and run 10x, with the whole thing

nine:25:40 PMLottoMomma: I will be able to indubitably imagine it.

nine:25:44 PMLAVERNE MALONEY: zero01 zero11 boxed or instantly in any state.

nine:25:47 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I’d have stuck it instantly

nine:26:05 PMMzDuffleBaglady: now, I’mon, 42x, 24x

nine:26:06 PMLottoMomma: Wow..that may had been candy!

nine:26:09 PMphoneman76 enters the roomMembers on-line:6

nine:26:14 PMBarbie1: phoneman how was once holiday

nine:26:25 PMMzDuffleBaglady: 09 was once the due again pair, and 10 was once the due entrance pair,

nine:26:25 PMLottoMomma: LOL. that is about proper barbie!

nine:26:27 PMphoneman76: cool made a lil cash

nine:26:30 PMMzDuffleBaglady: there it’s, 109

nine:26:36 PMBarbie1: excellent

nine:26:37 PMLottoMomma: needless to say..

nine:26:40 PMphoneman76: 109 the place

nine:26:46 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Welcome Barbie1

nine:26:51 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Missouri noon nowadays

nine:26:53 PMLottoMomma: thats fascinating stuff.. indubitably value a glance see.

nine:26:59 PMphoneman76: ohhhj

nine:27:07 PMMzDuffleBaglady: PA were given todays date boxed, 772

nine:27:13 PMMzDuffleBaglady: nowadays’s date, 727

nine:27:17 PMMzDuffleBaglady: aint’ that one thing?

nine:27:24 PMLottoMomma: thaat’s fascinating

nine:27:52 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to MzDuffleBaglady: That occurs an excellent care for the dates of the present day.

nine:28:13 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I agree @ Laverne

nine:29:03 PMMzDuffleBaglady: I”m going to have a look at your thread @ Laverne, thank you once more.

nine:29:07 PMMzDuffleBaglady: Good Luck everybody.

nine:29:15 PMMzDuffleBaglady leaves the roomMembers on-line:five

nine:33:12 PMLottoMomma: Well,… everybody go to sleep?

nine:33:20 PMsherita: LOL

nine:33:33 PMLottoMomma: Where are them successful numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nine:34:12 PMLottoMomma: How come Todd by no means places out numbers.. he simply watches everybody else?

nine:34:17 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: I put my head down. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nine:34:23 PMLottoMomma: LOL

nine:34:42 PMLottoMomma: I admit I snuck off to the kitchen for a minute

nine:34:44 PMLottoMomma: LOL

nine:34:55 PMLottoMomma: LM.. I did some cannin of jelly this weekend!

nine:35:04 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: HAHAHA

nine:35:13 PMLottoMomma: blackberry jam, raspberry and black cherry!

nine:35:18 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: Oh wow!

nine:35:23 PMphoneman76: ga looks as if 212 200 101 is in play

nine:35:28 PMLottoMomma: OMG that BC is to die for!

nine:35:36 PMsherita: Was speaking at the telephone myself….

nine:35:40 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: I will be able to make the selfmade bread & candy cream butter.

nine:36:06 PMLottoMomma: YUM.. I do know I’m searching for aloaf of french and butter as we discuss! LOL

nine:36:18 PMLottoMomma: Can’t wait til the tomatoes are available in!

nine:37:26 PMLottoMomma: Make some BLT’s with a slice of tomato that covers the entire slice of bread! LOL YUM!

nine:37:57 PMLottoMomma: Wonder what quantity tomato is?

nine:38:24 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: Pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, there’s not anything like a excellent recent sauce.

nine:38:24 PMLottoMomma: And bread and jelly! LOL Maybe there’s a connection between meals and numbers, like desires and numbers?

nine:38:55 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: 553 boxed

nine:39:10 PMLottoMomma: Oh, yeah… publish like 36 quarts of stewed tomatoes closing yr.

nine:39:19 PMLottoMomma: 553 is that for tomatoes?

nine:39:41 PMLottoMomma: Hmmm.. would not that be humorous if that hit.

nine:39:51 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: No black=five berry=five jam=three

nine:40:05 PMLottoMomma: Awwwwwwwww cool! Thanks!

nine:40:18 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nine:40:29 PMLottoMomma: I’m gonna play the next day to come!

nine:42:02 PMLottoMomma: we had triple three’s are available in about three nights in the past after which double 7’s that evening after that.. would you imagine three and seven numbers to imagine for successful? Basedon that information?

nine:43:09 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: 377 got here in on Sat. in MI

nine:44:12 PMLottoMomma: yep and 333 got here in on thursday, so I’m questioning since the ones doubles and triples got here.. do you play the ones double and triples for a conceivable hit?

nine:44:30 PMflintw enters the roomMembers on-line:6

nine:44:50 PMLottoMomma: yep, it already did that did not it..

nine:45:06 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: It can rely at the lacking pairs. Perhaps a kind of digits with a couple.

nine:45:10 PMsherita: 444 is the Most Due Combo in ga since that 225 in any case moved out the way in which!

nine:45:30 PMLottoMomma: so I’m wondering shoujld I believe bout 33 and 77 for the four digit? LOL

nine:46:01 PMLottoMomma: 3377 or 3737 or 7337?

nine:46:20 PMflintw: hi all anyone right here about Texas committee needs to close down the lottery

nine:46:28 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: Look on the historical past, is it certainly time for a double double the use of the ones digits.

nine:46:31 PMLottoMomma: or is there no connectin between three digit and four digit play?

nine:46:44 PMsherita: 444,108,368,257,268,660,907 rounds out the Lucky 7 Row…

nine:46:57 PMLottoMomma: sure, I did pay attention about TX short of to that and why I wish to know

nine:47:20 PMsherita: They will have to no longer be creating wealth…

nine:47:36 PMLottoMomma: I will’t consider they aren’t creating wealth?

nine:47:56 PMLottoMomma: You know with the dimensions of TX they’re creating wealth

nine:48:15 PMsherita: Hey, if they’re, they wouldn’t wish to prevent.

nine:48:32 PMLottoMomma: Then why are they short of to prevent.. will have to be somethign else?

nine:48:48 PMflintw: yep any individual mentioned that its dangerous for deficient other people and the tlc is just too comfy with the individuals who run the machines

nine:49:09 PMLottoMomma: I by no means heaar of somebody successful like PB or MM in TX have you ever?

nine:49:25 PMflintw: nope

nine:49:29 PMLottoMomma: significantly?

nine:49:43 PMLottoMomma: that is a sexy lame explanation why do not ya assume?

nine:50:53 PMLottoMomma: how is it dangerous for the deficient other people? then they must be taking a few of that cash and serving to them out! LOL

nine:51:13 PMLottoMomma: Id be r

nine:51:16 PMLottoMomma: r

nine:51:24 PMLottoMomma: truly bummed if our state g

nine:51:35 PMflintw: there’s a committee who will give their findings through dec 1 of this yr

nine:51:41 PMLottoMomma: gave up the lottery
somethign is improper with my keyboard

nine:51:54 PMLottoMomma: LOL

nine:52:13 PMLottoMomma: I’ve been jinxed!

nine:52:33 PMrankinhenry enters the roomMembers on-line:7

nine:52:47 PMLottoMomma: rankinberry.. you’re past due!

nine:52:56 PMflintw: i’ve a humorous feeling its going to occur

nine:53:13 PMrankinhenry: i do know

nine:53:26 PMLottoMomma: it is nearly last time

nine:53:48 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: Do no longer give any energy to the jinx.You simply need to persist with one thing as an alternative of leaping round.

nine:54:08 PMflintw: four drw

nine:54:13 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to rankinhenry: Hello.

nine:54:23 PMLottoMomma: I’m speaking about my keyboard!

nine:54:44 PMNikkicute enters the roomMembers on-line:eight

nine:54:45 PMflintw: four drawings for pick out three and the day by day four

nine:54:54 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorrry.

nine:55:01 PMNikkicute: LOL!!! now I”m a kind of who will get right here past due

nine:55:24 PMLottoMomma: No downside… figured you misunderstood what I used to be speaking about.. however you might be rihgt I DO bounce round! LOL

nine:55:41 PMLottoMomma: Hey, Nikkicutie!

nine:55:58 PMrankinhenry: i wish to win large this week

nine:56:03 PMNikkicute says to LottoMomma: hello

nine:56:06 PMLottoMomma: Me too!

nine:56:09 PMElizabeth03 enters the roomMembers on-line:nine

nine:56:20 PMElizabeth03: HELLO

nine:56:26 PMLottoMomma: We’re getting with regards to last.. excellent good fortune everybody this week!

nine:56:33 PMNikkicute says to Elizabeth03: hello we are past due

nine:56:36 PMLottoMomma: Hello Lizzy!

nine:56:39 PMrankinhenry: thinks u too

nine:56:40 PMNikkicute says to Elizabeth03: I simply were given right here too

nine:56:40 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to Elizabeth03: Hello.

nine:56:46 PMElizabeth03: sure concept i would say a quic hi

nine:56:47 PMNikkicute says to Elizabeth03: forgot in regards to the chat this night

nine:56:55 PMBarbie1: Hi

nine:57:09 PMLottoMomma: Heres to special wins this week!

nine:57:13 PMwin4life enters the roomMembers on-line:10

nine:57:15 PMElizabeth03: hope everyone wn’s the lottery!!!

nine:57:27 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to win4life: Hello.

nine:57:30 PMLottoMomma: Hey win4life!
welcome and nitey nite!

nine:57:42 PMElizabeth03: everybody want’s a excellent win!

nine:57:47 PMwin4life says to LAVERNE MALONEY: Hello my good friend.

nine:57:52 PMLottoMomma: woudn’t that be a hoot for all folks win! LOL

nine:58:04 PMLottoMomma: how candy it w-ould be

nine:58:06 PMElizabeth03: it will be terrific..

nine:58:15 PMLAVERNE MALONEY says to LottoMomma: It can occur.

nine:58:15 PMLottoMomma: I’m going to say.

nine:58:19 PMElizabeth03: sure certainly

nine:58:22 PMLottoMomma: your

nine:58:25 PMLottoMomma: you’r

nine:58:26 PMLottoMomma: proper

nine:58:29 PMLottoMomma: t

nine:58:37 PMLottoMomma: there’s is going once more!

nine:58:50 PMLottoMomma: On that notice nite youngsters! and excellent good fortune

nine:58:51 PMphoneman76: we could receives a commission

nine:58:56 PMElizabeth03: smartly goodnight rom Canada..

nine:59:06 PMElizabeth03: waving excellent bye

End of transcriptMembers collaborating:16Max on-line at one time:10

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