Lottery state chart/anonymity and claimants

Lottery state chart/anonymity and claimants


*ALABAMA. No present lottery. Three-19-2019 State Sen. Jim McClendon of Springville introduced he’s introducing regulation to arrange an Alabama lottery. Source:

*ALASKA No present lottery. There is not any legitimate, statewide lottery in Alaska, however the state would possibly factor lets in for positive video games of probability. These come with bingo, raffles, pull-tab video games, even fishing derbies and mushing sweepstakes. Online playing stays unlawful in Alaska, however a 2012 regulation lets in gaming actions to be promoted on-line. Source:

ARIZONA.  Anonymous for all felony entities for 90 days and prizes over $600. “If I win the jackpot, can I stay nameless? The names of individuals or legally shaped entities which are paid lottery prizes or winnings of $600 or extra are held confidential for 90 days from the date the prize is awarded and don’t seem to be a public document all the way through that length. Information in regards to the prize winner’s town and county of place of abode isn’t confidential. A prize winner would possibly voluntarily consent to the disclosure in their title. Can a blind consider gather winnings? The Arizona Lottery is not going to settle for a blind consider as Arizona Revised Statutes § Five-Five-575 calls for the Lottery to be sure that any Lottery winner does no longer owe the state a debt, which will have to be spark off towards the Lottery prize.”  Source:

ARKANSAS   Lottery website online does no longer  outline a claimant. htps://   

Three-18-2019   An effort to stay the identities of a few lottery winners secret has failed within the Arkansas House.  The proposal to permit winners of greater than $500,000 within the state lottery to stay their identities confidential failed within the House on a 39-30 vote remaining week.  Source:

CALIFORNIA   Not nameless/handiest folks can declare. The title and location of the store who offered you the successful price tag, the date you received and the volume of your winnings also are issues of public document and are topic to disclosure.  You can shape a consider previous to claiming your prize, however our rules don’t permit a consider to say a prize. Understand that your title continues to be public and reportable.  Source:

COLORADO   Not nameless/different entities unclear. As a part of the Open Records Act, we’re required to unencumber to the general public your title, place of birth, quantity you received and the sport you performed. This knowledge will probably be posted on and will probably be furnished to media upon request.
You will probably be interviewed by means of the Colorado Lottery Media Relations crew and a press unencumber will probably be dispensed to native media retailers. You can also be requested to take part in a press convention to respond to questions at once from journalists. Our Media Relations crew will paintings carefully with you to make sure your convenience with the method.
You’ll be requested to have your image taken which can seem on our “Wall of Winners,” our website online, and our Facebook and Twitter social media retailers.  Source:

CONNECTICUT  Unclear. Not addressed in FAQ on lottery website online.

DELAWARE  100% nameless if you select this selection. “Many winners have chosen to remain anonymous, as allowed by state law, but their excitement is yours to share!”   Source: and

DC   Not nameless/Anonymous conceivable by the use of a consider or LLC.  Anonymous query is indirectly spoke back on lottery website online. “In the District of Columbia, specific lottery winner information is public record.” Powerball win claimed by the use of a LLC in 2009. Source:

FLORIDA  Not nameless. “Florida Lottery winners can’t stay nameless. Florida regulation mandates that the Florida Lottery give you the winner’s title, town of place of abode, recreation received, date received and quantity received to any 3rd birthday celebration who requests the tips; then again Florida Lottery winners’ house addresses and phone numbers are confidential.”  Source:

GEORGIA  Unclear. Individual claims or anonymity isn’t addressed. But for teams, “If you decide to play in a group, prizes may be claimed by a single legal entity, such as a corporation, partnership or trust.  Groups, families, clubs or organizations can designate one individual or legal entity to receive a prize payment, or if the prize amount won is $5,001 or greater, individual prize payments (of $601 or greater) can be made to each group member, up to 25 members.” Source:

*HAWAII   No lottery.

IDAHO  Appears not to be nameless. Claimants or anonymity isn’t mentioned on lottery website online.  But in 2005, the Idaho Lottery Commission denied Brad Dukes request to stay nameless: “Idaho Lottery Commission officials had denied his request to remain anonymous, arguing that state law and the integrity of the lottery required that his name be made public to show he had no ties to lottery employees or vendors.”  Source:

ILLINOIS  Not nameless/different entities unclear. As a state company, the Illinois Lottery is topic to public disclosure regulations that permit get admission to to positive governmental data:
• Your title
• City of place of abode
• The title and location of the store who
offered the successful price tag
• The date you received
• The quantity of your winnings, together with your
gross and web installment bills, are issues
of public document and are topic to disclosure
The Lottery would possibly unencumber additional info
if legally mandated or upon your request.

INDIANA  Appears to be nameless by the use of a LLC. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online. But the “Powerball winner from February 22nd has chosen to remain anonymous after coming forward to claim their jackpot of $435.3 million. Indiana is one of the few states which allows players to remain private after a big win, and the lucky ticket holder has set up a limited liability corporation to receive their money.”  Source:

IOWA  Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on website online however apparently to be non-anonymous. For staff play, “Prizes can be paid to players who play as a group. A check can be written to an entity such as a trust or to a single individual.” Source:

KANSAS  Anonymous. Can make a choice to stay nameless. “Kansas is one of a handful of states that does not have this requirement. If you win a prize in Kansas, you may request that your identity not be released publicly.” Source:

KENTUCKY  Anonymous seems to be an possibility. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online.  But a couple of cases of winners claiming anonymously had been reported within the information. “Kentucky Lottery spokesman Chip Polson said the $1 million Powerball winner claimed the prize on May 15 and the Mega Million winner claimed the prize on May 12. He confirmed that both players wanted their identity to remain a secret.” Source:

LOUISIANA  Not nameless/different entities unclear. “Under the Lottery’s statute, all prize cost data are open data, which means that the general public has a proper to request the tips. Depending upon the volume received and public or media hobby within the win, winners would possibly NOT be capable of stay nameless. The statute additionally lets in the Lottery to make use of winners’ names and town of place of abode for exposure functions corresponding to information releases. The Lottery’s common observe isn’t to make use of winner knowledge in paid promoting or product promotion with out the winner’s willingness to take part. Source:

MAINE  Unclear. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online.  But lottery winner in 2012 used to be given a Five day nameless length. Source:

MARYLAND  Anonymous. Can a winner stay nameless. “Yes, you’ll. When we meet with winners who declare prizes at our Baltimore workplace, we inspire them to include the instant and rejoice by means of posing for a photograph that we will be able to submit. However, someone who wins a prize on a Maryland Lottery draw recreation price tag or scratch-off price tag has the appropriate to stay nameless. We don’t unencumber such a winner’s title or picture except the winner has in particular given us written consent to take action.
Please be aware that this anonymity coverage does no longer follow to second-chance and Points for Drawings contests run during the My Lottery Rewards program. Those contests are run as promotions for the Lottery. As such, they’re operated below a special algorithm than our draw video games and scratch-off video games. The laws of collaborating in our second-chance and Points for Drawings contests state that winners’ identities are printed.” Source:

MASSACHUSETTS “Lottery rules state claimant’s title, town or the town, symbol, quantity of prize, declare date and recreation are public document. Therefore, images could also be taken and used to publicize winnings.” Source:

MICHIGAN  Anonymous claiming may well be conceivable. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however information articles reference nameless claiming by means of winners. $1 million buck scratch off winner selected to stay nameless. Source:

MINNESOTA  Not nameless. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however lottery weblog states “In Minnesota, lottery winners can’t stay nameless. A winner’s title, town, prize quantity received and where that the successful price tag used to be offered is public knowledge and will probably be launched to media and posted on our website online.” Source:

MISSISSIPPI  Pending lottery. Bill licensed to create a lottery in 2018.

MISSOURI  Appears to be no longer nameless. “At the Lottery Headquarters, a member of the Lottery’s communications team of workers will ask you questions on your win, corresponding to what number of tickets you purchased, whilst you discovered that you simply received and what you intend to do together with your prize cash. This knowledge will probably be used for a information unencumber.
You can be requested, however don’t seem to be required, to take part in a information convention, perhaps on the retailer the place you bought your successful price tag.” Source:

MONTANA  Not nameless/consider possibility. A consider seems to give protection to anonymity. “In Montana, by means of regulation, positive details about lottery winners is thought of as public. That knowledge comprises: the winner’s title, the volume received and the winner’s neighborhood of place of abode. Winners would possibly make a choice to say as a person or they will make a choice to shape a consider and declare their prize as a consider. If a consider claims a lottery prize, the title of the consider is thought of as public knowledge.
A consider will have to have a federal tax identity quantity to be able to declare a Montana Lottery prize.” Source:

NEBRASKA  Not nameless/LLC possibility. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however a winner created a felony entity to say anonymously in 2014. “Nebraska Lottery spokesman Neil Watson mentioned with the assistance of a Kearney legal professional, the winner or winners have created a felony entity referred to as Carpe Diem LLC.” Source:

*NEVADA *No lottery.

NEW HAMPSHIRE  Anonymous claiming conceivable. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however a winner effectively sued the lottery and received the appropriate to stay nameless in 2018. Source:

NEW JERSEY  Not nameless in keeping with lottery website online: “”The lottery is an excessively public recreation,” mentioned James Carey, performing director of the state lottery fee. “It is an arm of the state of New Jersey. We’re dealing with public money. And the public has the right to know who’s getting the money.”
The New Jersey Lottery fee can unencumber the title, the town and county of a winner via a press unencumber, in step with its laws. And if the fee does not, the common citizen can get a winner’s id via a public data request.” Source:

NEW MEXICO  Not nameless.  Winners of $10,000 or extra can have title, town, recreation performed, and prize  quantity and picture on website online. Source:

NEW YORK  Not nameless/nameless by the use of a LLC. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however in keeping with Gov. Cuomo: ““For the past 40 years, individuals wishing to keep their name and information out of the public view have created LLCs to collect their winnings for them.” Source:      Gov. Coumo vetoed lottery anonymity invoice. Source:                                 

NORTH CAROLINA  Unclear. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online.

NORTH DAKOTA   Anonymous. Winners give you the chance to unencumber their knowledge or to stay nameless. Source:

OHIO  Not nameless/conceivable consider possibility. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however seems to have an nameless possibility. “The procedure from there was a little cumbersome. I needed to create two separate trusts. One trust was to appoint me, as the trustee on behalf of the winner, to contact the Lottery Commission and accept the Lottery winnings. The secondary trust was set up for me as trustee of the first trust, to transfer the proceeds to the second trust with the winner as the beneficiary. This enabled me to present the ticket, accept the proceeds, and transfer it to the winner with no public record or disclosure.” Source:

OKLAHOMA  Not nameless/different entities undetermined. In accordance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act and the Oklahoma Education Lottery Act, the title of any person, company, partnership, unincorporated affiliation, restricted legal responsibility corporate, or different felony entity, and their town of place of abode will probably be made public. It is necessary for the general public to understand the lottery is administered in truth. This approach the general public can also be reassured that the prize used to be received by means of an actual particular person. Source:

OREGON   Not nameless. “No. Certain information about Lottery prizes is public record, including the name of the winner, amount of the prize, date of the drawing, name of the game played and city in which the winning ticket was purchased. Oregon citizens have a right to know that Lottery prizes are indeed being awarded to real persons. ”  Source:

PENNSYLVANIA Possible anonymity (no remaining title)? “In Pennsylvania, positive winner knowledge is thought of as a public document. The Lottery additionally publishes on-line lists of winners of $1,000 or extra that come with the next:
First title, remaining preliminary of the winner(s), County of place of abode, Name of recreation received, Date of win, Prize quantity. Under the State Lottery Law, felony entities (corresponding to trusts) are authorized to record prize claims and obtain prize finances.” Source:

RHODE ISLAND   Anonymous if asked however all information is topic to FOIA. “While the Lottery will do everything possible to keep a winner’s information private if requested by the winner, in Rhode Island and most other states, this information falls under the Freedom of Information Act, and a winner’s name and city or town of residency must be released upon request.” Source:

SOUTH CAROLINA Anonymous. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however seems to have an nameless possibility in accordance with prior winners. Source:

SOUTH DAKOTA Not Anonymous for on-line video games. “You can remain anonymous on any amount won from a scratch ticket game. Jackpots for online games are required to be public knowledge. Play It Again winners are also public knowledge.” Source:    “The sponsor of a invoice that may have allowed some lottery winners to stay nameless has withdrawn the invoice.
Rep. Oren Lesmeister, D-Parade, mentioned Wednesday that he introduced the invoice on behalf of a constituent. The invoice would have allowed individuals who received prizes of greater than $50,000 to stay nameless. Currently, like maximum states, South Dakota identifies lottery winners.”  Three-13-19  Source:

TENNESSEE   Not nameless/Can use a consider however information topic to open data act. Anonymity or who can declare isn’t addressed on lottery website online however there are more than a few on-line resources that seem to be quoting the TN lottery. “The TN lottery says: “When claiming a Lottery prize through a Trust, the TN Lottery would need identity documentation for the grantor and all ultimate beneficiaries. Once we are in possession of these documents and information, records are generated. If a formal request is made by a citizen of Tennessee, the Trust beneficiary’s name, city and state must be made available under the Tennessee Open Records Act.” Source:–can-a-lottery-jackpot-be-claimed-whi-2327592.html

TEXAS    Anonymous for $1 million or extra. The 85th common legislative consultation enacted HB 59 authorizing positive prize winners who win lottery prizes within the quantity of $1 million or extra to select to stay nameless.
In addition, Texas Lottery Commission (TLC) Rule §401.324 governs the nondisclosure of
in my view identifiable knowledge (Information that on my own or at the side of different
knowledge identifies a person: title, social safety quantity, date of delivery, or
government-issued ID quantity corresponding to motive force’s license or passport. It does no longer come with the
title of the prize winner’s town or county of place of abode.) of positive lottery prize winners.
HB 59 and TLC Rule §401.324 follow to lottery winner claims submitted on or after
January 1, 2018.
Who is Eligible to Remain Anonymous
• A herbal particular person (person) who’s a winner of a lottery prize of $1 million (nonannuity) or extra;
• A herbal particular person (person) who’s a really useful hobby proprietor of a felony entity
winner of a lottery prize of $1 million (non-annuity) or extra.
The quantity of a lottery prize is decided by means of the whole quantity paid in one declare.
• Winners will have to specify their selection at the suitable TLC declare shape after they
declare their prize.
• If a winner chooses to obtain periodic installment bills (annuity), the
prohibition on freeing the winner’s title lasts handiest till the 30th day after the
particular person claims the lottery prize.
• Names of felony entity prize winners and approved representatives (who don’t seem to be
really useful house owners) could also be launched by means of TLC at any time after creating a declare for a
lottery prize.  Source:

*UTAH  No lottery.

VERMONT  Not nameless/conceivable consider possibility? The title, the town and prize quantity for your Claim Form is public knowledge. If you set your title at the Claim Form, your title turns into public knowledge. If you declare your prize in a consider, the title of the consider is positioned at the Claim Form, and the title of the consider is public knowledge. Source:

VIRGINIA Not nameless. “When you win the Lottery in Virginia, it’s no longer a secret! Your title, place of birth, prize quantity, date of win and the place you purchased the price tag are all public document. In addition, for those who win a bigger or strange prize, we publish a information unencumber together with your picture (sure, your picture will probably be taken whilst you gather that prize).
The information unencumber and picture can also be posted on our website online, Facebook web page, different social media platforms like Twitter, or different puts for affordable exposure, and it may well be reported in information media. If you win a truly massive or strange prize, we would possibly dangle a information convention with you.” “By the best way, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act lets in the Lottery to not unencumber a participant’s house deal with, telephone quantity and Social Security quantity – and we do not.” Source:

WASHINGTON  “As a public company, all paperwork held by means of Washington’s Lottery are topic to the Public Records Act. Lottery prizes could also be claimed within the title of a legally shaped entity, corresponding to a consider. However, within the match of a public data request, the paperwork forming the substitute entity could also be launched, thereby revealing the person names of winners.”

West Virginia  Anonymous for prizes over $1 million and Five% of winnings remittance. “Effective January 1, 2019, House Bill 2982 lets in winners of State Lottery draw video games to stay nameless with regard to his or her title, private touch knowledge, and likeness; offering that the prize exceeds 1,000,000 greenbacks and the person who elects to stay nameless remits 5 p.c of his or her winnings to the State Lottery Fund.” Source:

WISCONSIN  Not nameless/can’t be claimed by means of different entities. “The authentic successful price tag will have to be signed by means of a unmarried human being. For-profit and non-profit entities, trusts, and different non-human beings don’t seem to be eligible to play or declare a prize.” Source:

WYOMING  Anonymous. “We will honor requests for anonymity from winners. However, we no doubt hope winners will let us proportion their names and excellent information with different gamers.” Source:


PUERTO RICO  Appears to have Anonymous possibility. Source:

US VIRGIN ISLANDS  Unclear.  Not addressed on website online.

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