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Let’s Get This Party Started! (7/18/2017)

Let’s Get This Party Started! (7/18/2017)


You have most likely 6 possibilities to win lifestyles converting jackpots

Starting with this night’s MM which is $232 million or a lump sum of $143,300,000. This is $86,553,200 after the federal tax guy fleeces you. If MM rolls, it’ll pass up any other $16 million to $248 million, which I guesstimate to be a $153,600,000 lump sum or approx $93 million after the feds take you to the cleaners. 

PB is $187million or $116,400,000 lump sum which is $70,305,600 after the feds shake you down. I guess if it rolls, it’ll pass up anther $15-16 million. You do the maths. 

And dont put out of your mind your state lotteries. Calif is a whopping $56 million or $35,500,000 lump sum or $21,442,000 submit federal taxes. Too dangerous nobody can win it. Unhappy

Then, repeat…

I might be pleased with 1 of the three. I am not grasping.Jester Laugh

So once more: 

MM:  $232 M/:$143,300,000/$86,553,200
PB:   $187 M/$116,400,000/$70,305,600
CA SL: $56 M/$35,500,000/$21,442,000

Good success, everybody! See Ya!

Updated: August 19, 2017 — 7:32 pm

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