LCML Lottery Changed My Life

LCML Lottery Changed My Life

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Thank You lejardin for the end.   Monday, July nine, 2018, EST Please test your individual schedules.

 1 pm Millionaire Bride

 2 pm Island Dreamers

 three pm Janitor Millionaire

 four pm Mansion Millionaire

 There are not more LCML presentations on agenda via July 19, 2018 

 Suddenly wealthy presentations are on Saturday morning from three am – eight am. July 7, 2018 

 Check your individual agenda and my earlier dialogue discussion board thread for the days of the Suddenly Rich presentations.

 Please benefit from the Lottery Changed My Life presentations. Thank You LP Members.

 Invest when others are worried and promote when others are grasping. Warren Buffet

 Invest when there’s blood operating within the streets. JD Rockefeller

Updated: July 6, 2018 — 10:46 pm

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