KEY PLANS and how to be KILL THEM

KEY PLANS and how to be KILL THEM


Mr Shiva right here…

I simply need to remind y’all about what we do as forecasters .

We do know the dangers contain in lotto and thus we don’t inspire minors to take part in lotto.

Eric were given my consideration on some resent bashing’s hes been getting from a few of our impatient avid gamers.


Here is the item, LOTTO is programmed with keys. when ever keys are set, and the date anticipated it fails, that doesn’t imply it’s not gonna play. what it way is that, some additions wanted to play or, the machines want to hit upon the day, there may be much less staking on that very key (THE NEW MACHINES ARE PROGRAMMED THAT WAY)

They will strike while you least be expecting it. This is the explanation why WE DO NOT JOKE WITH STANDBYS.

Currently our 2SURE EXTRA SPO FRATERNITY were given bashed of a definite key on GHANA MIDWEEK, This secret’s set and MUST PLAY. we will be able to by no means forestall making an attempt it.


A standard instance was once on TOGO DIAMANT.

The key was once 48-18 meant to record on 18/6/2018. It failed. We stored the use of it as standby.

Most subscribers forgot and gave up.

TIRAGE 921 WIN: 16-65-(48-18)-63
TIRAGE 922 WIN: 78-(48-18)-43-22

We received it becasue we have been the use of them as standby.

I perceive some subscribers are tense Eric and even insulting him that we have no idea lotto. Some even pulled out. Any techniques, let this be a lesson to us all.

As regards Ghana NLA MACHINES, I would like to re-Eco to my fraternity that, they will have to no longer be discouraged.

We know the nla workforce and even lonaci agent are subscribed to us simply to observe..

No topic how it is going, WE WILL WIN.

Have a phenomenal day and stay certain



Updated: November 2, 2018 — 3:20 pm

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