Johnebench | Lottery Post

Johnebench | Lottery Post

A Few Days in the past I were given an Email from Johnebench.  Joe (his Real Name) has been fighting Lung Cancer for a while.  He lately had a portion of his lung got rid of and was once positive in regards to the time he had left.  Sadly, the Email indicated that his last time could also be not up to a month. 

For me, Joe has been one of the most participants that I’ve come to treat as a pal.  I’ve had the excitement of talking with Joe a couple of instances within the remaining 6 months.  We talked slightly bit in regards to the Lottery; however, we most commonly mentioned Life.  I have no idea a lot about Joe; however, I know that he’s forged.  A profession in development, a number of years of Cyber espionage, Scamming the Scammers (as he put it), is what I know.  I additionally know that Joe has the improve of a loving spouse and Family for his last time.

It is tricky to place this in phrases.  I don’t know what to Say at this Time.  Joe continues to be with us for now.  He seems to be in excellent spirit and has permitted his destiny.  I pray that during his last days, he’s loose from ache and in a position to Love and be Loved up to Possible.

The remaining sentence in Joes e mail was once “See you on the Other Side.” 

When my time comes, Joe, I can undoubtedly glance you up.


Updated: July 27, 2018 — 8:37 pm

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