I appreciate a excel 2010 formula statement request.

I appreciate a excel 2010 formula statement request.

I want to make a MS2010 excel device for again monitoring .

Example 50 cells that include the P3 digits of previous attracts.

instance mobile B1 415 assessments mobile C2 23780 no

                   B2 632 assessments mobile C3 13062 sure

                   B3 481 assessments mobile C3 64510 no

I need to test if the three digits in mobile B1 415 fit three digits in mobile C1 in any order directly or boxed.

instance: B1 appears to be like in C1 that has five digits 23780 NO MATCH or if mobile C1 has 18564 MATCH YES.

My request is to test  information of 50 (b1:b50) P3 previous attracts,  to test the knowledge of 50 five digit cells (c1:c50) 


The information of the P3 previous attracts and the five digit information of blended scorching, chilly, due information can be imported from the internet.

Anyone know the statement/formula that should be used to perform this request.


Updated: October 22, 2017 — 12:57 am

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