How random are QUICK PICK tickets?

How random are QUICK PICK tickets?

I reside in N.Y. and continuously purchase “quick pick” tickets for Pick 10, Take five, Mega, Power Ball and NY Lotto.

When I test the NY Lottery web site, it tells you if there have been any first prize winners and the positioning the place the price tag was once bought. If the price tag was once bought as a quick-pick it has (QP) subsequent to the positioning the place the price tag was once bought. 

In the Take five sport, should you get 2 numbers, you win a “free play” price tag which will get you a loose brief decide price tag for the following sport after you money within the price tag. If the profitable price tag was once  gained with a loose play, it has (FP) subsequent to the positioning.

Many occasions I see that there are a couple of winners with (QP) or (FP) subsequent to the positioning. In take5 the percentages are 1:575,757.

If there are that many tickets that get the similar brief decide numbers, how random can or not it’s?

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