Help! My Ticket Got Ruined! Can It Still Be Cashed?

Help! My Ticket Got Ruined! Can It Still Be Cashed?

Dog Ate TixAn e mail simply got here our means from a lottery participant whose price tag had by hook or by crook gotten broken, and the individual sought after to grasp if shall we nonetheless test it to look if it used to be a winner.  We requested the participant to ship the price tag to us right here at lottery headquarters so we will be able to see if it will possibly nonetheless be scanned.

I emphasize the “IF” a part of that commentary, as a result of in some circumstances, it is probably not conceivable for us to resolve the result of a price tag. If it’s ruined/broken to the purpose that key data at the price tag is now not transparent, we gained’t have the ability to test the price tag to resolve its standing.

Here are a pair examples we’ve observed over the years. In one example, we have been in a position to validate the price tag concerned, however within the different, there wasn’t sufficient data left to head on.

Back in 2015, we were given an excessively humorous inquiry from a Waterloo girl who despatched us an lovely image of her canine in conjunction with the stays of a scratch price tag that the canine had chewed up. The girl used to be in a position to seek out many of the mangled items of the price tag and taped them again in combination earlier than sending it to us. (That’s the image you spot right here.) In that example, our safety crew used to be in a position to seek out sufficient data at the price tag to resolve that she had certainly gained a $five prize.

And then in 2016, a participant emailed us to mention that within the means of looking to steam open a greeting card, she put the cardboard and the lotto tickets it contained within the microwave. When she took the cardboard out, the lottery tickets within had grew to become totally black.

That’s as a result of tickets in our lotto video games are revealed on thermal paper. Heat is used to print the numbers and symbols at the entrance of the price tag. And should you follow warmth to a complete price tag, the entire floor will flip black.

In that example, we sadly weren’t in a position to learn anything else at the tickets concerned to resolve if any of them had gained a prize.

So, in case your lottery price tag finally ends up getting broken and you’ve got questions concerning the prize it’s going to have gained, we’ll do our perfect to assist determine that out. Just know that during some cases, that is probably not conceivable.

Updated: July 18, 2018 — 12:54 am

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