Financial Freedom Global (FFG.XYZ) | Get 40% in 28Days [Register & Login] – www. Financialfreedomglobal.XYZ

Financial Freedom Global (FFG.XYZ) | Get 40% in 28Days [Register & Login] – www. Financialfreedomglobal.XYZ

Financial Freedom Global (FFG.XYZ) | Get 40% in 28Days [Register & Login] – www. Financialfreedomglobal.XYZ

Financial freedom global

Well, I cant actually inform how this Ponzi scheme works, I simply jumped right into a web pages with this evaluation, so I think that some other people could also be and perform a little registration. For me, it’s a must to move during the write up rather well and ensure that each unmarried sentence is definitely comprehensible sooner than you’ll in spite of everything mission into it.

Website title —> Financialfreedomglobal.XYZ

Birth date –> July 27th, 2017

Launch Date —> August 28th, 2017

Domain Life Span —> five Years

Platform options

These options are recommended via mavens who’ve witnessed many ponzi schemes move down the drain, to make this new platform the closing and powerful platform they offered many options to extend the existence span of the platform.

The options are beneficial

Let’s see the options

ROI (Return on Investment) –> 40% Naira and 50% Bitcoin in 28 days

You get 40% in your donation, let’s say you donated N100,000 to anyone, you are going to get 40% increment plus capital summing N140,000… Cool isn’t it?

Financial Freedom Global (FFG.XYZ)

Keywords to notice:-

  • • PH (Help Helper) known as PF (Freedom Law)
  • • GH (Help Help) is named GF (Freedom of Freedom)
  • • Important or a speaker known as Ambassador
  • • The Ambassador’s Leader is named
  • • IDP is named (Quick Data Detailed) QFP (Quick Freedom Pool)

Let’s proceed

  • Minimum PF —> N10,000
  • Maximum PF —> N2.5million
  • Maximum GF —> N5Million

Registration Bonus

  • N10,000 – N19999 ===> N2,000
  • N20,000 – N199,000 ===> N7,000
  • N200,000 – N999,000 ===> N15,000
  • N1million – N2.5Million ===> N30,000

Referral or Ambassador bonus –> 10%

Grand Ambassador bonus —> five%, three% 2% generational bonus

FFG is the platform that can indubitably make a mark in the ponzi sector.

Get 40% in 28Days [Register & Login] – www. Financialfreedomglobal.XYZ

Why I believe FFG (Financial Freedom Global) will closing and why I believe you will have to sign up for with out hesistating


When you sign in with this hyperlink,

Phone Number Verification :-
Your telephone quantity will probably be verified and the verification is completed to clear out pretend and unreal telephone numbers.

Dormant Account :- few devoted members are higher than many unserious members, in the event you fail donate into the gadget (Process Freedom) inside five days of registering your account will probably be blocked, it’s a must to PF one thing that’s tips on how to assist the platform develop.

ROI :- 40% expansion in Naira and 50% expansion in Bitcoin after 28 days.

PO Notification :- what’s extra handy that obtaining notifications of actions in your dashboard, because of this you don’t have to fret your self checking your dashboard incessantly, Email, SMS alert can be despatched when any of your order has been matched…

More is going for your upline and your Grand Ambassador in addition they get the notification you probably have been matched so that you gained’t have any excuse of I didn’t know…

Limitations on Bonus :- this is essential, for a gadget to closing, measures will have to be put in position to control the go with the flow of cash.

Introducing the limitation on bonuses is rattling necessary,

This isn’t a state of affairs the place a guider donates peanut and get bundles of cash.

No, it’s a must to get a justifiable share of what you set into the gadget…

Financial Freedom Global (FFG.XYZ) | Get 40% in 28Days [Register & Login] – www. Financialfreedomglobal.XYZ

How does it paintings?

Ambassador –> it is possible for you to to withdraw X2 of what you PF out of your referral bonus, you don’t perceive?

Let’s say you donated N20,000 , what you’ll withdraw out of your referral bonus is N40,000 the others will probably be there looking ahead to you, it’s a must to building up your donation to get extra out of your referral bonus.

Grand Ambassador –> it is possible for you to to withdraw X3 of what you PF out of your bonus.

Which approach you get three times of what you invested into the gadget out of your Grand Ambassador bonus.

Requirement to be a Grand Ambassador

You wish to be a grand ambassador of this platform?

Cool… All you want is 50 energetic members who’re beneath you and feature paid their 20% down fee and feature been showed they you are going to be regarded as as a grand ambassador.

Quick Freedom Pool

This is a characteristic that reduces rematching, let me give an explanation for this option smartly to you…

Let’s say you might be to obtain fee from anyone, if the individual defaults, you are going to now not be rematched… What?

Lol, loosen up… That order will probably be taken to the QFP (Quick Freedom Pool) .. It will probably be displayed for anyone to pick out and pay inside few hours, isn’t this higher than rematching your freedom which may take greater than 24 hours…

Who is the individual that pays me?

The person who choices your order from the QFP gets his 40% inside few days… Quite abnormal.. *easy*

PSAS (Prestigious Single Account System)

This is the primary platform so as to add this option, that is to fortify productiveness… How?

The gadget has a tendency to praise those that are trustworthy with one account, this may occasionally cut back more than one account a great deal.

Recommitment Policy

Yea that is necessary, it kills any platform with out it quicker…

How is the recommitment in FFG like?

Simple… Before you’ll GF, it’s a must to PF not anything not up to the former PF and feature paid 20% down fee sooner than you’ll continue with GF…

You don’t perceive… OK perceive this representation

Let’s say I PF(Processed Freedom) of N10,000 and I wish to GH N14,000 to continue with the GF, I’ve to PF not anything not up to the N10,000 I PF sooner than and I will have to pay the 20% down fee which is N2000 sooner than I will withdraw the N14,000 which seems just right.

Penalties in the System

Sure there will have to be consequences if now not the foundations can be lost sight of…

Flagging of Fake POP seems 24 hours after POP used to be uploaded

** Fake POP/2d default ends up in everlasting blockading

** Refuse to pay/Defaulter —> One month suspension plus restart, because of this you’ll unfastened all received bonus sooner than or throughout suspension duration and your down fee when you have one operating… PF what you might have this present day.

** Delayed affirmation ends up in extension on subsequent GF via 14 days, please try to ascertain fee you might have gained.

** Unblocking of account is only for defaulters now not for pretend pop.


You have to write down an affidavit of a a success GF inside 72 hours or you may now not be capable of GF subsequent time..

What helps to keep a gadget isn’t the options its the dedication of the members…

How to Join FFG

Financial Freedom Global Registration

Use this hyperlink to sign in –> Click right here to sign in (watch for it)

FFG Login

Use this hyperlink to login for your dashboard.

The hyperlink for registration will probably be to be had in this web page at the 28th of August round eight:55AM


I don’t know why MMM guiders are in opposition to the upward push of this platform, the sky is large sufficient to comprise everybody and its your cash you resolve how you employ it.

Please apply your middle, learn during the article, the options are there to fortify the capability of this platform.

MMM is the daddy of all ponzi, for sure about that however why would they prevent the upward push of a brand new and promising platform to stay on the most sensible?

If you aren’t for FFG why label it a rip-off when it has now not even began, is that this how we will be able to develop?

The members are chargeable for the sustainability of a platform, it’s when the admin uncover that the platform is not more in just right form and the members are discouraging themselves then they’re powerless to proceed the platform once more.

We fail to appreciate that this can be a P2P platform and it really works and enabled via the members.

MMM guiders prevent behaving like a child and use your mind, no person in status in your manner… Stop accusing FFG , you need to prevent it? I doubt that.

MMM isn’t any guy trade, we’re all there to generate profits but if I uncover that I will generate profits somewhere else, I put my eggs in many basket then.



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