Filtering by Type and Repeats

Filtering by Type and Repeats

I did a temporary seek of LP History searching for 2 Specific Filters, Type of Draw (S D T) and Repeating Digits.  I used to be in particular searching for any posts that mixed those 2 filters.  I discovered little or no with the Search Words “Singles, Doubles, Repeats”.  Several Variations produced only a few related posts. 

This is so Basic it needs to be written about someplace. 

Type of Draw. 

                                                              Straights              LMH Boxes

1- Single (No Match),                                  720                        120

2-Double (2 matching digits)                       270                         90

Three-Triple (Three matching digits)                          10                           10

The Combinations in every Setting are Fixed (They do Not Change).

As a Stand-Alone Filter, Setting the Value for the Next Draw at 2 or Three reduces the pool and value sufficient to supply a Profit on Straight Bets.  A Setting of two has a $90 Pool value taking part in LMH Box and should be additional decreased for Profit.

Takeaway—If it’s essential to effectively decide when a Draw shall be a Double or Triple you can Profit.  This is Very Difficult; however, Not Impossible. Great Patience and a Lot of Luck are required. 

Repeats.  The depend is by Position N1 N2 N3. There are 2 Ways to take a look at repeats.  Forward and Reverse.

The Counts on this Process are Forward Looks.  The Table Below displays each Forward and Reverse counts all the Possible Scenarios For The Last Game to the Next Game.

Table 1  Type to Type Draw Scenarios.


An Excel File has an entire checklist of the Type and Forward Repeat of The Last 3200 Games and a List of Type and Possible Repeats for all 1000 Combinations.   A Repeat is any digit within the Last Three Positions N1,N2,N3.  The Possible Repeat Digits range from Game to Game.  This manner that there’s a mounted selection of combos in a pool filtered by Repeat choices zero,1,2,Three; however the Possible Repeat digits range from Game to Game so the true combos within the pool range as smartly.

Table 2 The History File

The Table underneath displays a number of the Combinations.  Possible Repeats Based at the Most Recent Draw (144) within the History Table above.  That manner there’s a mounted pool of digits for the Next Game for every Repeat choice zero,1,2,Three. Also proven is the TR which is a mixture of the Type and Repeat Counts. 

Table Three Sample of Combinations Forward R depend according to 144 in Last Draw

The Pool Sizes Vary Depending at the Last Draw Type.  The Table Below display the Pool Sized for the Next Game Based once more according to 144 within the Last Draw.

Table four

Type _ Repeat         


Table 4a  If the Last Draw had Been a Single(No-Match) Draw the Table values could be as follows:

The Last 6 Lines within the Above Table are according to the TR Column in every of the Tables Shown So Far. 

Tables four and 4a display that if you’ll be able to get the TR Correct the Pool sizes are all successful.  There are handiest eight Options:  10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31.  The underlined choices will also be not noted.  You make a benefit if you’re proper.

I’m completing an Excel File that Tracks this historical past and produces the Pool of Combinations that fit The Type, Repeat, and TR for the Next Game.  I can supply a Link to any member that sends me a PM.

What I would love this put up to adapt to is a dialogue of the best way to expect the TR Value.  I’ve attempted a couple of concepts with marginal (Losing) Results.  The Most Recent concept concerned taking a look again to the TR Value that used to be equivalent to the mathematical sum of the Drawn Digits.  I can attempt to end this concept and put up the method for attention.

I’m Open to and Constructive Thought

Updated: September 11, 2017 — 2:21 am

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