Expired tickets/ Michigan | Lottery Post

Expired tickets/ Michigan | Lottery Post

I see a $1,000,000 Mega Millions price ticket expired nowadays with out being accrued however I’m questioning about one thing else.

I discovered a $30 recreation #790 $four,000,000 MegaDollars scratcher and the price ticket expired February 4th 2019 However the sport continues to be indexed at the legitimate state web page as being to be had at about 75 or 76 retail outlets!

If the sport did expire  Feb 4th then why is the MSL nonetheless promoting it?  Only one most sensible prize was once ever claimed from it.

Do other runs of the video games (#790) have other expiration dates?  Is this the way you inform if the prize has been claimed from that run of tickets?

If the 75 or 76 retail outlets actually do have recent tickets is that this the MSLs manner of distributing large winners to the spaces that they would like the large winners in?

What occurs if the MSL is aware of they’re promoting expired tickets and that a number of retail outlets are nonetheless promoting them?

Will the two closing large prizes be paid?  What actually is occurring/ Fresh tickets or expired recreation?

Anyone have any data?

I may Email the MSL however they have got no longer been very useful as they have got been often taking place hill since about 2013.

Updated: March 5, 2019 — 6:45 am

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