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Disportionate Scratch-Off Winners in Southern Part of State

Disportionate Scratch-Off Winners in Southern Part of State

I am new right here and it is my first publish however this is because I have spotted one thing that turns out strange however I don’t have any approach of proving it, sadly.

It turns out, in my state – Virginia — the lottery information has a preponderance of scratch-off winners from the southern phase of the state. It’s as even though extra of the bigger jackpot profitable tickets are allotted there than in the northern phase of the state.  Granted, it can be as a result of gross sales of tickets are upper there than in the northern phase however it kind of feels then that the “system” is rigged to the place extra jackpot tickets are allotted there to shops so you might be much more likely to be a winner in case you are purchasing scratch-off tickets in the south as a substitute of the north. 

I have requested the lottery fee in the previous to listing at the site the place the massive jackpot scratch-off winners have been gained however this appears to be a no-can-do proposition.  Why? Because, it could appear to turn, as I consider, that the majority of the bigger scratch-off prizes don’t seem to be gained up north.  The simplest “proof” is through having to stay a document from the Lottery News when the winner does come ahead and so they announce then the place the winner purchased the price tag. But you’ll be able to simplest return a yr or so in the Lottery News.

So is it simply me considering this?  Perhaps.  I have no idea.  But it’s what makes me now not need to take probabilities with the scratch-offs because it does not appear fully random.

I have been taking part in lottery now since 1990 a minimum of, so about 27 years.  Not but gained the rest considerable that was once greater than a dinner out.  I play semi-regularly, now not for enormous quantities (not up to $25 at anybody time).

Updated: October 6, 2017 — 4:18 am

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