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Chicago Cubs and the number 108

Chicago Cubs and the number 108

Hey CT 108 is superb, I can’t wait……

Thanks to my Tania’s insightful three-D take

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“Some numbers raise a distinct common which means.

Invoking and even simply seeing this type of number turns on a deep, unconscious urge for solidarity.

108 is a type of numbers.

108 represents the sacred numerological dating of Earth to the Sun and Moon.

Look at those information:

1. Earth’s diameter at the equator is 7926 miles.

The diameter of the Sun is ready 108 occasions that — 865,000. 

2. The moderate or midpoint distance between Earth and Sun is 93,020,000 miles.

That is 108 occasions the solar’s diameter.

three. The Moon’s diameter is two,180 miles. The moderate distance from Earth to Moon is 238,800 miles.

Again, this about 108 occasions the Moon’s diameter!

Sun and Moon are the two mild our bodies that govern existence on Earth. The Moon governs ladies’s per month cycles, the tides of the ocean and symbolizes our moods. In astrology, the Moon represents the Mother.

Sun brings heat, mild and existence and symbolizes your internal mild. You rejoice your internal cycle once a year when the Sun returns to it’s unique place to your birthday.

The dating between Sun, Moon and Earth is the cloth of our human enjoy.

When one number, on this case number 108, assists in keeping stoning up in the equation – it indicators a divine message hidden in the geometric dating.

In different phrases, take note of numbers in YOUR existence that stay stoning up. The numerological which means of that number carries a profound message for you.

Let’s take a look at 108 extra intently.

It is made from numbers 1, zero and eight.

1 is male and represents you as a sovereign being.

zero is feminine and concurrently represents the circle of existence, not anything and vacancy.

eight is infinity and eternity.

Thus the sacred code of the universe, as represented in the sacred geometric dating between Sun, Moon and Earth, approach something, no-thing and infinity.

This is an excessively Eastern lifestyle, and so it’s no marvel that 108 figures prominently in Karate, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhist malas or rosaries are normally 108 beads.

Many Eastern theologies consider there are 108 emotions – 36 about your previous, 36 in the provide, and 36 regarding your long term

Of path, feelings that reside on the previous or the long term take you clear of the provide second.

Number 108 carries a profound message. It reminds us that we’re directly one thing, not anything and the whole lot – 1  zero  eight.

It reminds us that we will make a choice to enjoy existence in an woke up state – or sleep state.

Most importantly number 108, when meditated upon, gives you the maximum robust device at your disposal:

To be emotionally provide at each second in time.

When you percentage the rest, percentage together with your HEART.

When you discuss any phrases, discuss from original FEELINGS.

After all 108 reduces to the number nine.

nine symbolizes Unconditional Love.

Love your existence, love your reviews – love your self.

Before you re-act to any state of affairs, take a deep breath. Breath is your soul’s direct connection to the Divine.

This stability is simplest accomplished by way of figuring out your shadow facet.

You should take note of the shadow qualities embedded to your private start code.

If you forget about your shadow, you can not step into the mild.

Balance is accomplished by way of seeing it ALL – now not simply what you need to peer.”

Updated: August 19, 2017 — 10:05 am

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