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Backtesting lottery systems | Lottery Post

Backtesting lottery systems | Lottery Post

Posted: Yesterday, four:57 pm – IP Logged

“That crapsys hit in georgia lottory.. but not in any othger state in thousanjds of draws.. if u question it u a crim..”

yep.. they are able to make u a crim if u doubt a lottory sys.. u merely and truthfully ask for a backtest 2c how time and again a sys hit in previous attracts and possibly discover a trend like skipping an averge collection of attracts after successful and so u can save playin attracts and cash..

so what do u get from ur fair query??? a flood of curses from them fools… a uncomplicated and onest query draws a flood of curses for no explanation why whatsowever… if ur lottory sys is fair u dont have to fret a bigt.. hi there it didnt hit now or within the final 500 attracts however stay a eye onit cos itll hit once more within the nest some attracts…

they dont sez that cos they R frayed of somthin.. their sys dont hit once more in 1/1000 as sucky avid gamers right here confirmed… however frayed to inform fact cos of worry of ban.. they 1st get indignant about shedding lottory sys however then thjey suck up nest cos of worry of banning..

its really easy pals.. simply submit hjow ur f@#$ sys seemed up to now attracts.. possibly 20 or 30or 100 or 1000 attracts.. what u afrai9d of??? i aint right here to curse u or anythin else… but when u display what number of tyimes ur lottory sys hit up to now we will be able to fing a moderate kip for ur sys. so we will be able to skip that many attracts be4 hit and lower your expenses..

very honesdt and simple- jst display how ur lottory sys did up to now attracts.. from that we cann see what took place and skip a couple of draw s and thus saqve some bux..

im frayed why they bounce at ur intestine if u ask for backtexting.. a man right here sought after to jot down a spreadheet to check a;ll lottory systems “published here for FREE”.. the sys deveolopers jumped at his throat. soliciting for a decent backtesting used to be handled as a CRIME b7y thye likes of advert am lb ba ll.. why u may ask urself??? is senseless.. the lottory systems are absoluteloy FREE.. so no creator would lose any cash…

however hi there what if them sys autothors R paid by way of the LOTTORY themselves>>>??? c what iaqm sain>>>??? they R paid 2b right here… other people uv systems let em heve systems.. and play lottory for our prophit. we acquire from it so kick the bustt of them homas unbelievers who dare to doubts lottory sysstems..

thats my tackle it.. no offence to all fair readers and lottory avid gamers.. however be expecting the lottory guys kick exhausting ur again kos u doubt lottory systems postegd right it fair and even felony??? i dunno.. it aint fair or moral the usfeds would say… they could evene sez its ILLEGAL cos aint no transperancy.. seems like the lottories are in desperation to get as many playeres as conceivable.. if u watch television u can c that lottory is the third maximum marketed habit after beer and scientific medication..

and now theyu cry like kighds thst the0y gonna go away this position.. thats like youngsters at the schoolyard.. in the event that they cant beat u up thaty threasten the gonna go away where.. excellent readancfe.. who actually njeeds em lb ba ll aso.. why do em get so mad thrtean to surrender aby by no means surrender and all the time get baqck right here it doesn’t matter what??? cos they R paid for it.. and theyll all the time come again wth thouisdand extra sdystems four thye gullible to take four actual and play to be able to lose giant…

so u wish to know why they get so mad simply four asking to turn how thei crap did up to now??? u higher ask them who they paintings for??? the united states feds may sez its ok if no longer hiding the aim of promoting and no longer deceiving peopel in2 plyin the lottory for the state PROFIT!!!!

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