Back injury | Lottery Post

Back injury | Lottery Post

Hello, I had a dream I harm my again and needed to have surgical procedure. I went to the Dr. Today and I did have an issue a herniated disc. Is there any numbers related to herniated disc or again accidents? Thanks for the perception.

  A herniated disc  (Normalized)

Method 1:  Nine-7-Three/0371
Method 2:  Three-1-Zero
Method Three:  Nine-Three-Eight
Method Four:  Nine-Four-7
Method Five:  Zero-Five-Four
Method 6:  Five-7-Five

  Kyphosis  (Normalized)

Method 1:  Zero-Three-7-1
Method 2:  Zero-Zero-Nine-Four
Method Three:  Nine-Eight-Three-Four
Method Four:  Three-2-7-Three
Method Five:  1-7-Nine-7
Method 6:  Zero-Three-Five-Three

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