algorithm to find patterns of odd and even numbers and count occurrence

algorithm to find patterns of odd and even numbers and count occurrence

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I attempted on the lookout for lottery device that may find Patten’s speedy  for odd , even or simply  numbers between 1 to 45  however could not find the rest.

E.g   find 2 odd 2 even or 6 maximum commonplace occurrence of numbers or four odd 2 even 

And some lottery device don’t seem to be excellent in any respect and now not very useful  waste of cash !!!!

so I advanced  some code does the task  (Note nonetheless in Beta checking out)

SO my subsequent challenge is to find what number of matching odd or even numbers seem previously lottery. (notice the code may also be changed to search for any set of numbers) 

Why odd numbers ?  as a result of it sort of feels extra odd numbers seem greater than even on this case anyway

instance 1 odd numbers, 

i sought after what number of four set of random patterns of odd numbers seem within the previous lottery 6-45 effects. 

i attempted the usage of excel vba but it surely were given very messy very very messy, then i used some other manner with 150 strains of code later , it labored  🙂 

so that is the process i used  within the algorithm

  1. pick out any four random patterns of odd quantity in my array 
  2. Loop 200 time and output development bar  ,,,  notice you’ll set it to loop 3000 occasions simply take longer to calculate effects
  3. For Each four odd random numbers picked loop during the previous lottery csv document and out put the matching  odd quantity 
  4. take a look at  for duplicates numbers picked     (E,G  if 7,13,33,37  confirmed up five occasions and if its get picked 2 occasions in line 480 it’ll simplest count  the csv Line quantity as soon as )

the code additionally crates a csv document the display the matching numbers  and what what line quantity present in, you simply want to use the excel filter out 

present in csv line num 1 num 2 num three num four
282 7 13 33 37
311 7 13 33 37
480 7 13 33 37
529 7 13 33 37
720 7 13 33 37

        five. And count overall occurrence of numbers output to display 

quantity patterns             occurrence of occasions
—-                                 —–
five,13,15,35                       nine
1,21,27,35                       five
nine,17,21,37                       five
19,21,33,35                     five
1,13,15,21                       five
7,13,33,37                       five
three,11,13,23                       five
11,21,29,33                     four
1,five,nine,21                          four

SO when it runs it seem like this!Ag3gOZ6aEeT_kBJuyQbDxS2pZk-B

instance 2 discovering three odd numbers output

quantity  patterns             occurrence of occasions
—-                                —–
nine,17,31                           27
nine,27,31                           26
1,33,37                           26
1,17,33                           24
five,11,13                           24

Not pronouncing any this may occasionally assist me win the lottery in any manner , however it’ll display me what numbers i will have to be taking part in and to building up my odds of wining a smaller prize 

time to play , 

I can stay you posted if have any luck

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