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A 1,3,7 Rundown and Date System I Stumbled Upon

A 1,3,7 Rundown and Date System I Stumbled Upon

I stumbled upon a Pick three System that piqued my pastime, and as soon as I did some backtesting, it REALLY piqued my pastime!  See underneath for main points, however first, two disclaimers:

  • I express regret upfront if this has already been coated, I did seek Lottery Post for one thing equivalent and I got here up with not anything.
  • This is NOT one thing I advanced, I’m simply re-hashing what I’ve discovered.  I may give a hyperlink to the YouTube video if wanted.
  • Lastly, perhaps somebody can increase an Excel Spreadsheet for this so it may be “properly” backtested?  I am truly excellent at Excel however for causes that might be come obvious in a while, it is a actual problem to automate backtesting.

OK, so the idea that is understated:

  1. Take your newest draw and do a rundown by means of including 1, three, and 7 to each and every digit the usage of “Lottery Math”.  You’ll finally end up with a three by means of 11 desk from which we’re going to pull predictions for the following draw.
  2. Add the Month and Day of the draw (once more the usage of “Lottery Math”), and circle all occurrences of this quantity within the three by means of 11 desk.
  3. Consider for play any three digit mixtures ) contact any of the numbers you turned around in Step 2, and b) display up more than one occasions across the different occurrences of turned around numbers.


Here’s an instance the usage of Connecticut’s Pick three Evening information:

Last draw on 7/2/2016 used to be 902.

The Rundown (including 1, three, and 7 till you get again to the start) is proven underneath.  The “Lottery Math” results of the Month plus Day (Month = 7, Day = 2, 7 + 2 = nine) is highlighted in Black. 


nine zero 2
zero three nine
1 6 6
2 nine three
three 2 zero
four five 7
five eight four
6 1 1
7 four eight
eight 7 five
nine zero 2


If you check up on round the entire highlighted nine’s, you’ll be able to to find those mixtures display up attached to a minimum of 2 of the three highlighted nine’s, and those are what I performed this night ($1 backup):

630 632 639 690 600 692 609 669 610 636 631 612 663 109 692 100 690 139 632 130 630 132 639


That’s it!  Now 23 mixtures might appear steep, however I did a minimum of 20 spot-checks at quite a lot of puts within the draw historical past and I used to be discovering a LOT extra Straight Hits than I anticipated so the ROI used to be neatly within the black!


So here is what I alluded to with my earlier Backtesting remark: the one method to make certain my spot exams had been “accurate” is to do a LOT extra backtesting.  As you’ll consider, pulling each and every and each and every mixture from the above desk is tedious, and if there may be another Excel Geeks like me in the market, any concepts to automate the method are very much liked!  For now I’ve resorted to concatenating unmarried digits, for each and every and each and every $^%&$&##@ permutation of three digits round each and every highlighted numbers, and let’s simply say I’ve pulled out what final hair I have . . .

Updated: August 19, 2017 — 4:42 am

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