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25 cents pick 3 wheel straight hit method. Budget betting.

25 cents pick 3 wheel straight hit approach. Budget making a bet.

  • Another approach i been running on with the cheap. Play much less $ to hit honest quantity $ however higher possibilities to hit on pick 3. $10 can get 40 straight combo play at 25 cents a play equivalent to $150-$200 PAYOUT in maximum states.  Please test this technique out and spot in the event that they hit on your states lottery pick 3 sooner than playing. Thanks all.


Method 1: 

GET LAST DRAWN NUMBER RESULT And Add /Subtract THESE TO each and every quantity to get motion quantity. (hints if motion quantity is identical as considered one of Drawn quantity end result Add/Subtract till it vary from Drawn quantity end result.


Set A = -1, -1, +1 = motion quantity

Set B = +1, +1, -1 = motion quantity

Wheel motion quantity. Wheel approach up down up. Down up down


Set C = -1, +1, -1 = motion quantity

Set D = +1, -1, +1 = motion quantity

Wheel motion quantity. Wheel approach up down up. Down up down.



Connecticut JULY 16TH 2017

Midday pick 3 Drawn quantity end result



Set A -1, -1, +1 = 229 motion numbers

Set B +1, +1, -1 = 447 motion numbers


Wheel set A and B motion numbers:


Wheel set A = 249 play numbers

Wheel set B = 427 play numbers


From previous drawn quantity end result. 338 or simply 3,eight since it’s double 3. Input key digit 3 or eight into each place (1st, second, third) within the wheel units A and B play numbers to get ultimate play quantity to position 25 cents straight guess on.


From Wheel set A play quantity :


Key digit 3


249 = 349, 239, 243 (ultimate play numbers)

427 = 327, 437, 423 (ultimate play numbers)


Key digit eight


249 = 849, 289, 248 (ultimate play numbers)

427 = 827, 487, 428 (ultimate play quantity)



Connecticut JULY 17TH 2017

Midday pick 3 drawn quantity end result

827 straight hit.


For SET C and D upload/subtract approach end result please observe identical instruction as SET A and B. 


Thank you. If you prefer me to do a pick 3 on your state. I do it right here in this thread i posted. But most effective eve pick 3. I were given paintings in AM.  LOL. Good good fortune and god bless.

Updated: August 19, 2017 — 2:28 am

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