What Would YOU Do If You Won?

What Would YOU Do If You Won?

ToDoListWe took a few of our precise winners’ solutions about their plans after they gained the lottery and posted the checklist as a a laugh “to-do” survey on Facebook so other people may just make a choice their favourite responses.

You can see the checklist within the symbol right here: These have been the Top 10 maximum commonplace solutions from our winners about their plans for his or her prize winnings. We then requested people on Facebook to let us know what they might do in the event that they gained. And the solutions display us as soon as once more why we like Iowa!

The No. 1 reaction that individuals selected as what they might do in the event that they gained the lottery used to be to “help others in need.” Coming in 2nd used to be “build my dream home” and “pay bills.” Third at the checklist additionally used to be a tie, that one between “travel” and “contact a financial advisor and/or attorney,” which is one thing we at all times suggest to our avid gamers who win a substantial prize.

So, there you will have it: a mix of philanthropy, commonplace sense and plans to simply experience existence.

We hope our checklist come up with a a laugh smash to dream about what you’d do if YOU gained the lottery!


Updated: June 23, 2018 — 12:46 am

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