Vtracs applied to Pick 5?

Vtracs applied to Pick five?

Hey Gang,


So a snappy query popped into my head as a possible analytica street.  Thought I’d throw this available in the market to see if someone had long gone down this rabbit hollow to any luck.


I questioned if someone had analyze the Pick five sport from the viewpoint of making use of a Vtracs style to the second one quantity? 

For instance, say the closing drawing is 6, 15, 24, 25, 29 (NC P5 for 12/7/17). 

   Now, the Vtrac research can be carried out at the closing collection of each and every drawn “place”, so:

                    Vtracs expectancies for each and every                    Potentials for subsequent drawing in accordance with Vtracs

06 = 6              1                                                           1, 11, 21, 31, 41

15 = five              zero                                                           10, 20, 30, 40

24 = four              nine                                                            nine, 19, 29, 39

25 = five              zero                                                            10, 20, 30, 40 

29 = nine              four                                                             four, 14, 24, 34


Thoughts, ideas, attempted and did or did not paintings?  Would love to listen your ideas; I by no means imagine in recreating the wheel (when imaginable).


Thanks to focused on responding!

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 2:52 am

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