Time frame in winning California Scratcher

Time frame in winning California Scratcher

I received a 6 determine greenback quantity on a California Scratcher, and at the Internet it claims it will probably as much as 14 weeks to obtain your cash. 

I used to be advised on the lottery workplace the place I became in my price ticket that it might take 6 weeks, and I known as the California Lottery in Sacramento, and so they claimed about 7 weeks. 

I won my winnings in a take a look at from the California State Controller Disbursement Bureau in precisely four weeks.  I took it in on a Friday, and four weeks to the Friday were given my take a look at. 

They took out best 24% Federal Taxes, and ZERO taxes are taken from your winnings from the State.  California does no longer tax you on your winnings. Again, a 6 digit winnings, no longer a $1,000, $five,000, $20,000, however a six digit.  So they’re so much quicker than what you learn now on the internet.

Updated: August 17, 2019 — 4:31 am

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