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Texas Lottery Jackpots | Lottery Post

Being so ever inquisitive into my states lottery, I determined after seeing this previous rollover to an marketed $30.25 Million for the draw on Wednesday Five-16-2018 that this has were given to be proper up there for higher jackpots over time……..

And my resolution could be ?????????……Lets dangle that idea for a bit of and have a look at the profitable jackpot historical past right here within the nice state of Texas, lets ?

2018 Present Day:Texas Lotto jackpot winners up to now ? Ahhhhhh, that will be none, as this jackpot run began again on 12-16-2017. I do know !!  Five entire months and no longer a unmarried winner..UNREAL…Buts glance again at 2017,lets ?

2017: Nothing to actually file right here, 1 jackpot does get to $27.25 Million run from 11/Five/16 – Three/25/17. Okay,so again to 2016……………………………………… (That is not too dangerous for Four half of months)

2016: NADDA

2015: OKAY,HERE WE GO.. Five/02-10/03 for $32.25 Million… Not dangerous for five months…onward to 2014..

2014:Here’s some other goodie 1/01-Five/31 for $36.25 Million… Not too shabby for some other Five month run

2013: Nothing right here, no jackpots even get to $20 Million

2012: Gotta be one thing right here proper ? Ding Ding Ding, we’ve a winner Eight/01-11/07 for a fab $32 Million…however that is it for the 30+ jackpots……2011, right here I come…grasp on children, it does sooner or later recover…..

2011: Nine/10-12/10 $30 Million Winner and 12/08/16 – Three/09 $30 Million Winner. 2 giant winners this 12 months.. Sweet !!! I do know………….  Not so rapid grasshoppah, you may have a lot to be informed

2010: 10/24/09 – Five/29/10…. $97 Million Winner !!  Over 7 months ??<doing my very best Keith Jackson impersonation> “WHOAAAA NELLIE” …Shall we proceed ?…Lets.

2009:Five/09- 10/21 a whopping $76 Million Winner.  Five+ months

2008: 6/04-Eight/27 $30 Million Winner… In lower than 90 days ? Niiiiiice

2007: Nine/19-12/08 $30 Million Winner….<Drumroll please>…. 11/15/06- Four/07/07    a $75 Million winner

2006: Nine/28/05 -Four/29/06 $36 Million Winner. * Matrix alternate Four/26/06.. Nine/28/05-2/08/06 $64 Million Winner

2005: Five/25-Eight/27 $44 Million Winner. 1/29-Five/21 $66 Million Winner.  10/20/04-1/26/05 $57 Million Winner.

2004: 7/10-Nine/08 $36 Million winner.. 2/25-6/19 $145 Million Winner..11/12/03-1/31/04 $70 Million Winner

2003: 6/11-7/30 $47 Million Winner.. Four/26-6/07 $37 Million Winner..* Matrix Change to incorporate the bonus ball beginning on Five/07/zeroThree..Three/22-Four/23 $35 Million Winner..2/15-Three/19 $35 Million Winner.. 12/18/02 -1/22/03 $53 Million(2) Winners

2002: Five/18-6/22 $70 Million Winner..Three/13-04/06 $34 Million Winner

2001: 11/28-12/26 $36 Million Winner..Nine/01-10/03 $40 Million Winner..1/31-307 $85 Million Winner…12/09/2000-1/06/01 $40 Million Winner

2000: 11/11-12/06 $38 Million(2) Winners..10/11-11/08 $48 Million (2) Winners…Eight/09-Nine/09 $60 Million Winner.. 7/01-7/26 $40 Million Winner.. 

So in a handy guide a rough evaluation of historical past..my preliminary pondering used to be very fallacious.I wasn’t even within the most sensible 25 since 2000…That’s OK although..It’s excellent to return and glance each and every so steadily.. It could make you take into accounts and respect the great ole days… Good Luck in every selection you’re making and this is to hoping that every one people has a jackpot win quickly.

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Updated: May 15, 2018 — 11:22 pm

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