Sum of Digits process – pick 5 and jackpot games

Sum of Digits process – pick 5 and jackpot games

Ok, so after a seek of the subject on Lotterypost with out discovering anything else identical that I’ve been running on, I assumed I’d submit my ideas to look if the collective can growth this additional:

Note that to ease the paintings, I did the entire calculation process in MS Excel

The total concept is to take the sum of the digits, by means of drawing place, plot them out for a duration of time (10-15 drawings?) to possible determine the following sum of digits resultant to be expressed by means of drawing place.

Sum of Digits

Example of any given drawing – any states Pick5/Cash5 sport (it is a Pick 5/34 sport)

Date Day/night time N1 N2 N3 N4 N5
1/11/2020 Day 5 6 14 22 26


Sum of Digits

N1 = 05 ==> 5

N2 – 06 ==> 6

N3 – 14 ==> 5

N4 – 22 ==> four

N5 – 26 ==> eight


Determining probably drawn numbers (the usage of the above N5 quantity)

Lets say you consider that the sum of digits eight will probably be expressed once more within the subsequent drawing for N5.

Then this is able to imply that the following possible drawings for the sort of resultant are

zero eight
1 7
2 6

For readability, the possible drawings for N5 may well be eight, 17, and 26

Given that evaluation of the sport in line with drawing place had yielded that traditionally talking, the smallest quantity expressed on this explicit sport at N5 used to be a 10, we will with higher likelihood, speculate that the eight perhaps is probably not one of our possible choices for N5 sum of digits eight, leaving the 17, and 26 as optimum possible choices for the sum of digits eight we predict will probably be expressed.

As commonplace sense would say, you probably have decided that you just consider that say N4 and N5 will most likely each be expressed as eight at the sum of digits, then N4 would have be a 17, and N5 can be a 26.


The above process will also be expanded to the jackpot games (PB, MM, Euromillions) by means of increasing the calculation of the sum of digits as follows:

zero eight
1 7
2 6
three 5
four four
5 three
6 2

Again, with the conclusion that more than one eight’s can be expressed within the subsequent drawing collection, removal of possible numbers will also be completed in line with the expression of others in expanding numbers   

The query will inevitably be ask: have I gained anything else with this technique?  The solution is not any.  This is basically as a result of I used to be drawing near this from an expectation of imply reversion in sum of digits expression, best having just lately realized of the imply reversion speculation basically revolving round expressions/displays at the excessive foundation.

Do I consider this has a prime possible for good fortune?  Yes I do!

I’d recognize optimistic comments and any insights you all have with what has been laid out right here.

Updated: January 19, 2020 — 8:41 am

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