Second look ..Repeats | Lottery Post

Second look ..Repeats | Lottery Post

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  Repeat numbers occur on reasonable of  56.94 instances a yr on a 365 recreation.

We must be expecting to get about  41 unmarried field repeats a yr……and round  16 double repeats as neatly.


               Bottom line:

                             We gets a repeat quantity about as soon as per week. 

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       If your state’s recreation hasn’t had a repeat within the ultimate 2 or three weeks …… simply look during the last 30 attracts….they’re there …..proper in entrance of our eyes. 



         Look over your  ultimate 30 attracts and also you must see about  four or five repeaters able to hit.   


                See if you’ll fit them up with such things as …”due digits” or “due short sums” and so on.

        Remember…..they’re just about  at all times there within the ultimate 30 attracts at any given time all through the yr…..taking a look proper again at us.  

                              Good Luck ……you could have stuck it simply in time. 

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