Please correct me if I am wrong…

Please correct me if I am fallacious…

The odds of profitable Mega Millions as opposed to Powerball are more or less the similar, with Powerball being a minute bit higher odds.  This is for the jackpot, as I did not glance intently on the smaller pot odds.

When one recreation has the next jackpot than the opposite, particularly when it’s Powerball, until having a vast funds to shop for lottery tickets, does it now not make extra sense to just purchase the tickets within the recreation with the upper jackpot?  Shouldn’t attainable Return of Investment(ROI) be an element to your acquire?

If you purchase two tickets in a single recreation for one drawing, don’t seem to be your odds progressed by means of an element of 2? Same for 3 or 4?  This isn’t to mention that the advance in odds with extra tickets is an automated technique to win.  The odds, if purchasing one thousand tickets, are nonetheless beautiful unhealthy.

Rather than purchasing certainly one of every for a given drawing cycle, you could be purchasing two of the only recreation that has the most important jackpot.  Or simply purchase a type of plus use your 2d $2 to shop for a Cash For Life price tag.  Much higher odds for that anyway.

Updated: January 28, 2020 — 10:28 pm

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