play one number straight system

play one number straight system

this technique is for taking part in handiest one number straight within the percent three

  you’ll use the closing two numbers drawn on your lottery

i will be able to use the brand new jersey eve numbers for five/13 and five/14


five/14 596

five/13 700


first we take closing nights number 596 and get the variation between the  lowest number and the absolute best number  five is the bottom and nine is the absolute best absolute best  the variation is four…then we discover the variation between the following lowest number and the absolute best number 6 is the following lowest and nine is the absolute best the variation is three  then we discover the foundation of 596=five+nine+6=20=2 so 2 is the foundation number

so now we’ve got 432

subsequent we pass all the way down to the draw sooner than that 700 and in finding the variation 700 and closing nights number of 596


700    take the bottom number in our 2nd again draw one of the zero and get the variation from the absolute best digit in closing draw the nine and the variation between the 2 is nine then pass to the following absolute best digit thats additionally a zero and get the variation with closing nights absolute best number the nine once more the variation is nine subsequent get the foundation of 700 7+zero+zero=7 so 7 is the foundation and we’ve got the number 997


            so now take the 432 we were given from the primary number and placed on most sensible of the second one number we were given 997


                                                            four three 2

                                                             nine nine 7

   now upload the primary two most sensible numbers the four three to the primary number at the backside  the usage of lotto math so four+three+nine=16=6 that’s the first number in our select three….now to get the following digit in our percent three upload the second one and 3rd digit on most sensible to the second one digit on backside  so three+2+nine=14=four that will likely be our 2nd number within the percent three …now to get the 3rd number in our percent three upload the 3rd number on most sensible to the 3rd at the backside number so 2+7=nine that may be our 3rd number to make use of within the percent three

so our number to play straight is 649  the following draw on five/15 it got here straight 649

what i love about this system is your handiest enjoying one number in straight shape simple in your funds.

Updated: May 16, 2018 — 10:22 pm

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