Pick 5 using all numbers half split on 6-8 lines

Pick 5 using all numbers half split on 6-8 lines

I have a tendency to sacrifice leaving out the latest numbers when using 30 of the numbers however will regularly play all of them on California Fantasy 5 through using probably the most past due quantity two times to replenish the 40th spot. I’ve a trend of splitting the numbers into two blocks in some way that turns out to satiate the “random” through proscribing consecutive(s) and after a month or so I slide/shift the the trend down and re-split them to get two new blocks of 20 numbers.


Since it is payday for me these days I am taking part in each  the 6 line layout (I posted my prediction for this one) and the eight line layout using all numbers in addition to the SuperLottoPlus eight Lines (posted this one too)

In the case of the SLplus it is the very same trend and half split of numbers however the one element is that the surplus numbers (the latest 7) are positioned in a the rest quarantine that I exploit to slip them in as soon as a draw happens.Serpentine just like the slider yo!.


I got here up with this to maximise my probabilities of looking to get a three/5 or with a bit of luck a four/5 quickly extra often. My reasoning is that with three to four lines to every block of numbers the numbers have best such a lot of puts to head up or down as every draw occurs.


Gotta get in a position to money my test and get my tickets. Good Luck and Stratagem fellow dreamers 🙂

It’s too simple simply to slide away…


Updated: May 20, 2018 — 3:01 am

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