pick 4 system | Lottery Post

pick 4 system | Lottery Post

Simple P4 system…Look to your final Pick 4 hit with a Zero or five in it. Once discovered, search for one the repeat pairs to be  inside of it.  The repeat pairs will repeat 95% of the time, and typically falls once more  in a couple of days to per week.  Use the chart beneath to search out the five imaginable matching triad repeat pairs that corresponds to the repeat pair. To get the final digit, its typically the digit no longer introduced throughout the triad repeat pair you might have selected, at the Zero-Nine scale. You must pick the best five imaginable triad pair to achieve success at hitting.

Repeat Pair; 55   66   77   88   99   56   57   58   59   67   68   69   78   79   89


Triad repeat pairs

550x   560x  570x  580x  590x 

551x   561x  571x  581x  591x

552x   562x  572x  582x  592x

553x   563x  573x  583x  593x

554x   564x  574x  584x  594x

660x   670x  680x  690x 

661x   671x  681x  691x

662x   672x  682x  692x

663x   673x  683x  693x

664x   674x  684x  694x

770x   780x  790x 

771x   781x  791x

772x   782x  792x

773x   783x  793x

774x   784x  794x

880x   890x

881x   891x

882x   892x

883x   893x

884x   894x


                                 three EXAMPLES USING NC HITS FROM MARCH 2018. 


Mar 6, 3059 fell, so 59 collection is the repeat pair..so now you might have 594x..On Mar 15th, 495eight fell…eight is x.


Mar 11, 2505 fell, so 55 collection is the repeat pair..so now you might have 552x..On Mar 16th 7552 fell…7 is x


Mar 14, 3573 fell, so 57 collection is the repeat pair, so now you might have 570x.On Mar 18th, 5047 fell…4 is x

Updated: March 19, 2018 — 9:52 am

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